• Sophmore slump ahead

    If we look at the past few young quarterbacks who had terrific seasons we can look at their next season to see how well they can do. Does anyone else remember when everyone was criticizing the colts after RG3 had his fantastic rookie season? Or how everyone thought Cam Newton was the second coming after last season. You need someone on your team like Romo who is consistent and reliable, who knows the system masterfully, and with his huge salary no team is going to trade for him unless they are desperate and there is no chance that they can cut him for at least 2 more years.

  • They need back up.

    It is true that Tony Romo is at the end of his career. There are younger people who are coming up who are able to do more than he is. This is true. However, Romo is also able to do things that the younger guys can't do because he is experienced. That is worth keeping on the roster.

  • The Cowboys should keep Tony Romo in 2017

    The Cowboys should keep Tony Romo in 2017 because Romo is signed through 2019 and is guaranteed $19.6 million of his $24.7 million cap hit in 2017 regardless of whether he’s cut or traded. That number drops to $8.9 million in dead money in 2018 and $3.2 million in 2019.

  • No, Romo is an underpeformer

    The Dallas Cowboys would be wise to drop Tony Romo from the roster for 2017. Although Romo has had his good games and even his good seasons, in general he has been a disappointment. There have been multiple high-stakes games in which Romo choked and caused his team to lose, such as by fumbling the ball or throwing an interception in the fourth quarter. There are better quarterbacks for the Cowboys to choose from.

  • No, they should find a way to trade him.

    Tony Romo is a very good quarterback, who has been largely undervalued throughout much of his career. However, he's getting older, and Dak Prescott is having one of the best rookie seasons ever for a quarterback. At just 23 years old, the Cowboys need to make sure they hold on to Prescott and develop his talent. He could go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

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