Should the Cricket World Cup give every country a chance?

Asked by: abhishekagarwal
  • How will the popularity of the Game Spread if the same countries play year after year

    Lets go back to the World Cup 2011. Who were the favorites? Countries such as Australia would pop into mind, India stand a chance, England would be looking for a trophy. Maybe Pakistan would show some heroics this time. Out of the 16 countries only 6-7 were going to get a shot of winning the trophy,out of those 6-7 only 2 were favorites, no one else had a chance. This needs to change.

    Right now there are around 8 countries who have made a name for themselves big time in the sport. These same countries play over and over again and the sport is eventually evolving around them. If only these countries remain the only followed cricketing nations how will the sport reach further viewers? Countries such as Kenya, Afghanistan and Canada need more games if the ICC wants to improve the sport. Not only do more countries need a spot in the world cup, they need a series with these 8 countries regularly. Not only will it add more viewers, more money will come into the sport, as well as more matches. Don't forget also more competition will develop between nations in a match if there are many countries playing the game.

    Cricket need to open its arms to other nations if it wants to improve the sport and develop itself in a positive perspective. Not every country in the world (we don't want a year long world cup!) but we need around 25-30 countries playing the tournament.

  • It's Called "World" Cup for a Reason.

    It's only fair that every country is given an equal opportunity to participate, hence the term 'World' Cup. The Olympics allows all countries to participate, the FIFA World Cup does the same, so how is this any different? Forbidding other countries from participating is not only pointless, but can in some ways be seen as racist. How can any cricket team take the title as #1 in the world, when other countries are prohibited.

  • Because Australia Doesn't Exist.

    Giving every country a chance would give "the man" a great opportunity to fill our minds with the ridiculous notion that Australia exists, otherwise they wouldn't be in the world cup. But this isn't good for our free-thinking society. We have the human right to be educated on geographical truths, and giving "the man" (AKA Swaziland) to fill our brains with this nonsense is simply disrespectful, let alone wrong.

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