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  • Yes most should

    Locking someone can only a temporary fix. The ones who can be released can go back to their old lives that made them make the decision to break the law in the first place. Rehab can help most people but they theve to lower the price for the people to go to rehab because if their stealing and stuff like that the obviously didn't have the money so they had to steal but if they make it free for some people and make it cheap for the rest people might actually go to rehab and get a job and stay on the good path and stray away from the old lives and decisions. But you shouldn't make it mandatory for all of them for some they should and for the ones who have no way to go there send a squad car to pick them up at their house and bring them once a week or ones every 2 weeks all depending on the sichuan that there in
    Many people believe that the justice system should make the punishment more harsh by making them have to work harder and do harder jobs in prion or by making their senense longer but this won't make them see the error in their ways they will keep on trying to justify in their mind that they had to do what they did so they can get by or something along the lines of that. But if they go to rehab they can see the error in their ways and try to get on the right path and with some cases where people get caught high or with drugs they can have it all confiscated and have to go to rehab 2 times a week and be drug tested once a month for a year or how ever long is issued to them in a court of law and if they feel like the need to go longer after their mandatory time is up they get a chose to go longer if they feel like they need to so they don't stray down the wrong path or fall back in place where they were.

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  • Yes yes yes

    Many people have went to jail stayed for a while and came right back out to their old environment their old normal lives and how do we expect them to stay clean or not do the same crimes if we don't give them any tools and skills to help them stay away from the bad negative things and help them to better themselves and get a job and stay busy.

  • Yeah hell yes

    I totally agee with rehabilitation. People need to stop with the drugs. Like that stuff fucks everyone up. Not just you, your family, your friends, your cat, your dog, your mouse, all of it just gets fucked.. And when we are all in the shits nothing can happen. So its just a downwards sprial to a dead end and noone is for that shit unless you like hate life itself. And if that is the case, the go to rehab lol im out.

  • Yes it should.

    Locking someone up is a temporary fix, it comes back to that saying feed a man a fish he eats for a day teach a man how to fish he eats for a lifetime. We need to teach the people in jail/prison how to better their lives and get them better rather than just throwing them away and not looking back.

  • Rehab Prevents Recidivism

    Criminal justice systems that focus on rehabilitation generally have lower repeat offender statistics. Helping offenders get off drugs and get into school or worthwhile jobs can help keep recidivism rates low. This means less crime and a better society over all. Rehab really is a better system for dealing with criminals.

  • Most definitely

    Other countries with a focus on rehabilitation have better statistics when it comes to repeat offenders and crimes in general. Punishment should be a part of it, but the larger focus should be on rehabilitating people, which is something the United States system does not do very well, so to keep repeat offenders at a smaller number.

  • Yes

    Our criminal justice system is far too focused on punishing law breakers that it rarely helps break the cycle for at-risk people. Instead of helping them get back on their own two feet, our prisons and jails almost guarantee that people will become repeat offenders. This is bad for the 'criminals' but also bad for society.

  • Waste of money

    Rehabilitation has been one of the few alternatives to imprisonment but it may not be the best replacement for it. This is because it would be an insignificant expense for the financially overburdened people who might not be able to afford the expenses. Furthermore, a rehabilitation program may be too expensive and complex for it to be successfully implemented and used in most places.

  • BIRT prisons should focus on rehabilitation.

    Rehabilitation is expensive. It doesn't work. Why? Well here:
    It's a useless waste of money and time -Rehab makes life easier, what will stop the people below the poverty line from committing crimes to receive this free program? They already do for prison, but rehab is much more luxurious than prison.
    -People shouldn't’t commit crimes in the first place, so what use is jail if they aren’t being punished?
    -Why should tax payers pay for the rehabilitation of a person that has committed a crime? People abiding by the U.S. Laws shouldn't’t be responsible for these people. If they want to go to rehab, people should choose if they want to or not. What is the point of jail if people go in knowing they will get it easy?
    During most rehabilitation programs and vocational classes, most inmates simply planned for their next crime. Of course some may take advantage of these things, but the percentage is extremely low.
    When a jury passes a judgment, and the judge hands out a sentence, the sentence is a punishment. I have no problem with rehabilitation, however lets keep in mind the primary purpose for prison. It is to protect the citizens from criminals, and to punish those convicted of crimes. Rehabilitation should be a secondary concern.

  • No, It Should Not

    The point of the criminal justice system is to punish and deter future offenders. Rehabilitation simply will not work on the vast majority of those who break the law. I would go so far as to argue that the current criminal justice system already focuses too much on rehabilitation and not enough on punishment.

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