• My name is Bchunger , and I'm supporting the fact that the cuba embargo should be lifted

    The uncertainty over who will succeed Raúl Castro makes it unwise for the United States to change its policy before a new leader is in place. An aging Fidel Castro yielded power to his younger brother Raúl for health reasons, but Raúl is also over 80 years old and there are questions about how much longer the Castros will remain in charge of Cuba. John Hughes, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and former President of the American Society of Newspapers, stated: "The worst scenario would be the emergence of an Army strongman who plunges the country into martial rule." The embargo will be a necessary bargaining chip when a new leader takes power.

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GeminiTwin says2015-10-09T00:27:10.650
I say yes im like its not harming the government its harming the citizens plus America trades with other Communist Countries