Should the cultivation and production of hemp be legal?

  • Hemp is a miracle plant

    Hemp can be used for many purposes and I propose to start a fuel and textile industry from hemp. Hemp seeds are edible and can also be used to make oil.It can also be medicinal but the industrial value of hemp could be worth millions or even billions.You can overdose on any drug but that shouldn't make hemp illegal.Tobacco kills more people than nearly any other drug so why don't you make that illegal.America isn't the land of the free if hemp isn't legal.Stop tricking people and tell them the truth instead of lies that have been going on for a long time.

  • Naturally.

    Hemp used to be the #1 cash crop in America. It is one of the most useful resources on the planet, and to make it illegal simply because it can produce a “drug” (one of the least harmful, most beneficial drugs on the planet) is absolutely ridiculous. Times are changing, however. I think hemp and marijuana will be legal throughout the country before too long.

  • Yes!

    I am personally in favor of marijuana legalization, so, this issue is easy to me. I'd be in favor even if there were no other benefits. However, those who are emphatically in favor of marijuana being illegal should consider all of the other benefits that hemp can provide in the production of clothing, paper, rope, and so on. Is it really worth denying ourselves all of these products simply for an outdated "war on drugs" that isn't even working?

  • Not Just Pot

    Hemp isn't just a pot plant associated with marijuana. Hemp can be made into rope, fabric, art and much more. Hemp could easily be a cash crop if the government would latch on to how valuable the material can be. Several marijuana laws are becoming more liberal and less strict anyway, so allowing more hemp production is a logical next step.

  • Yes, it should be legal.

    Hemp is a very useful material that can be used to make both paper and clothing at cheaper rates than current materials. If we used hemp as a source for paper it would greatly reduce our need to rely on trees which would also help reduce the carbon footprint we are leaving on the Earth by allowing trees to grow undisturbed by people. Because of its ability to offset our alarmingly high use of trees hemp should be legally allowed to be cultivated and produced.

  • Yes, the cultivation and production of hemp should be legal.

    Yes, I believe that the cultivation and production of hemp should be legal. There are many advantages in legalizing the production and cultivation of hemp, while there is no logical reason to keep it illegal. Though some people think hemp is just marijuana and legalizing marijuana would be bad, hemp is actually cultivated from very low-potency plants. Hemp is important because it can be used as an alternative source for textiles, paper, and a number of other items.

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