Should the current education system become less uniform?

Asked by: notruth
  • For a better progress, yes.

    Since the school education system started to develop it always have been too uniform, many compulsory subjects for many years, i compare that to a fictitious school where every single animal has to learn how to climb a tree to graduate, some of them would have ease and some not. The humans are entirely divergents in the ideas, the way of thinking. In my opinion would be wiser to make a system where the school helps the students to get on their way, not forcing the same way for everyone, for example encouraging each student differently, improving that subject in which the student appears to be more connected. First this would increase the interest in learning of students since the system wouldn't be so compulsory. Secondly it would create better professionals since the student start to learn about what professional he want to be early, and also is already more enhanced in the subject X.

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