Should the current U.S. public school system be changed?

Asked by: Galahad
  • Everyone Agrees- The School System Is Bad

    I've done some research. At least 20 websites think the school system is bad. It was designed about a century ago. Nobody changed it. We sit in straight lines, Do the same work, And raise our hand to do XYZ- but for what? I found out why- For factory workers.

  • For sure it needs to be changed

    The school system we have today doesn't work, Kid's hate learning, And most importantly we learn subjects that are useless in our actual life, If this was changed those years spent learning calculus could actually be used learning career skills, School has become useless, The average person won't use the majority of the stuff they learn in school.

  • If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will spend its whole life believing that it is Stupid

    Our schools focus too much on grades and test or stuff like memorizing instead of learning, Our schools should lay teachers the same amount of money because a doctor can perform heart surgery but a teacher can talk about things deep and help the student. We should not have homework (like Finland), We should have shorter school days, And schools should focus on collaboration instead of competition. Students are being taught how to work at a factory sitting in single file rows, Like a factory standing and stamping or doing whatever you do at a factory.

  • The school system needs fixing

    Think about it. Most teachers concern themselves too much with testing and homework. When all that time spent studying and doing homework could be spent being creative with your thoughts and doing your talents and what you are passionate about, Because if you are so interested in photography as a kid, Its likely you will want to do that for a living. If music, You will probably want to that for a living. Other countries actually care about that. But the US convinces little kids early on into thinking that the only way to be "happy" and "successful" in life is to do well in school, Get As, Go to a good college, And live. But do you think michael jackson was thinking about the pathagorean thereom when he wrote billie jean? Or at all in his music career? Do you think whenever a photographer takes a picture he is thinking "3x-8=y+9? I have many more examples of problems with the school system but you get the idea by now

  • Just accept it

    The school system needs to be changed. If you don't believe me look up prince EA i just sued the school system. He starts out by saying the Albert Einstein once said that if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, It will go its whole life believing that it is stupid. After that he compares an old car to a new one and there was a drastic difference, Then he compares a phone from now to a phone back then once again the difference was drastic. After that he compares a classroom from now to back then and there was NO DIFFERENCE. 😮😮😮

  • More Yes than No

    You can change the structure of the school, the learning environment, the way subjects are taught, and the administration. Yet, changing the student is something that requires more than policy and good intentions. The function of a school should be to prepare young people for a fulfilling life where their interests and skills can be applied without a learning barrier, not to indoctrinate and fill their heads with arbitrary information. That's why I think that students should receive instruction suited to their interests and specialization in subjects so that they are better prepared for secondary education if that is the path they want to take. At the very least, schools should not focus on teaching facts or theory, but rather practical wisdom and lessons that the students can use in their everyday lives. I'm speaking from the experience that I've seen people come out of public schools dumber than they came in.

  • Kids don't care about learning anymore.

    Nowadays kids don't even care about learning. The only thing us kids care about are our grades. We will go over a unit for months and then take the unit test that everyone is stressing to get a good grade for. After we take that test I guaranteed that %80 of the information will be lost within a couple weeks. School should be a place for learning not for stressing out, studying hours upon hours after school for a stupid test that you will forget about. Look at kids in Africa. They are so excited when a teacher will come to there village because they simply get to learn. I bet you that those students are not stressing over a test. That's why I know the school system has to change sometime soon

  • The school system needs to be updated.

    First of all, the school system was created for a different age and time - this age was known as the Industrial age. This age was part of a time when these big, huge companies were making tons of money and everyone wanted to work there. So, people decided to create the school system; which was a good thing because if kids got a degree it was a guarentee that they'd get a good job. But, this age has long passed away since now most products are made overseas. About 55% of the information taught in school you won't use in real life, so yeah, the school system needs a reform.

  • It is Outdated and Misguided!

    The current school system is based on the one developed in Germany in the late 1800's. The original goal of the public school system was to prepare the majority of students to enter the then massive manufacturing industry, one where no imagination or opinion mattered. Now that the U.S. Has developed past manufacturing as our main source of jobs, the school systems need to be replaced to prepare current students for the CURRENT world - one where the development of products and ideas takes place in the United States. The school systems are rooting imagination out of students at a time when they should be reinforcing it. It needs to change.

  • Schools don't need to change---Students do

    Schools don't need to change students need to come to school without an attitude that something is owed them. They need to come to school and realize that it is a free (public) opportunity to advance their education. Everyone does not deserve and A everyone in real life does not win a trophy. Work hard and do what is asked of you and you will be successful

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