Should the Cyprus dispute end with a permanent separation (yes) or a unification (no)?

  • Separation is the best solution for Cyprus.

    The international community has been obsessed with the idea that Cyprus should be reunited into one political entity. This view completely overlooks the reality of the current situation however. The two sides do not share a common language, culture, ethnicity, religion, or much of anything really necessary to form a cohesive nation. They are in every definition of the word, two completely separate nations, and the political situation should recognize and reflect that fact. The best solution to the current dispute is the recognition and acceptance of the two Cyprian republics into the international community.

  • Yes, let them live as they wish

    Cyprus should remain divided since the inhabitants cannot
    agree to live together. The island’s people have the right to manage their
    affairs as they see fit, and if the Turkish and Greek segments wish to remain
    apart, the world should not force them to live together as if they were friends.
    Peace will come when people’s hearts change, not when legislators decide they
    must all live together as one.

  • Cyprus should Unify

    The northern portion of Cyprus is currently under Turkish control, but should be unified with southern Cyprus under one flag. The country is very prosperous on both sides, which is the point of conflict between Cyprus and Turkey. Turkey does not want to lose the income. Cyprus feels that in spite of their high economic status, they are misrepresented due to low population. With the unification of the island, they would drastically increase their population, economy, and resources. Doing so would vastly increase their influence on the international stage.

  • Go for unification

    Whenever a dispute like this ends up permanently seperating a group, it always comes back later as a huge fight, and never works out for the best. The best thing that these two sides can do is meet in the middle and find out a way to come together as one.

  • Greek and Turkish Sides Should Unite

    Greek and Turkish sides of Cyprus should unite in celebration. A decades-long dispute over who owns which side of the island is just silly. Cyprus is its own country and should be a protectorate of Europe as opposed to Greece or Turkey. Since Turkey is about to become a member of the EU anyway, Cyprus should become one country.

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