Should the DEA stop cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries?

  • States should be left alone to decide this important issue.

    Those states that have legalized the substance have done so in order to protect some of the most vulnerable of their citizens. Seriously ill patients have the right to access this plant that has shown, time and time again, that it can help some people with symptoms that cannot be properly alleviated with the use of pharmaceuticals. Mother nature has given us a plant that has many positive effects and it's time for us to get of the prohibition band wagon and listen to the many voices who have benefited from it.

    This discussion started in the Thirties when the prohibition of alcohol had been repealed and Harry Anslinger needed to keep his people at work. Against the better judgment of the existing AMA, cannabis (marijuana) was forcefully removed from the US pharmacopoeia. With cannabis out of the way of wood pulp production and nylon production, these industries were allowed to flourish.

    Fast forward to the 1972 Presidential campaign and President Nixon's "war on drugs", which he used to garner support for his failing policies elsewhere, and we have a full blown propaganda campaign, a well developed department of "Drug Enforcement Administration" and a successful national addiction to funding for what amounts to tilting at windmills. In the forty years plus, since the beginning of Mr. Nixon’s drug war and we have done little to diminish the drug problem and continue to spend billions of wasted taxpayer’s money to incarcerate more of our citizens for non-violent crimes than any other country in the world.

    It’s time to stop the merry-go-round and get off!

  • No, marijuana is dangerous.

    No, the DEA should not stop cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries, because medical marijuana dispensaries put marijuana in the hands of the wrong people. Marijuana is still a dangerous drug. People die every single year from accidents that occur when one of the drivers is high. Continuing to monitor marijuana activity saves lives.

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