Should the death of skier Sarah Burke draw attention to the dangers of free style skiing?

  • Yes, but people will continue to do it.

    Just as people like Sonny Bono and Natasha Richardson, who had all the advantages one could imagine, died on the ski slopes and it changed almost nothing, so the death of skier Sarah Burke may draw some attention to the dangers of free style skiing but is unlikely to ensure any changes.

  • Yes, the death of skier Sarah Burke should make people realize the dangers of free style skiing.

    Yes, people should really be more aware of the dangers of free style skiing after the death of Sarah Burke. If there is one thing that entertainment and media inspires in today's society, it is imitation. There is more sincere form of flattery to these celebrities than seeing young children being inspired to try the impressive feats that they do. The problem with this is, people disregard the warnings about these feats being done by trained professionals and try them at home often resulting in serious injury or death. I think that seeing a famous skier die from this tragic injury will help enlighten amateurs to the immense dangers associated with the sport.

  • Yes They should

    Free style skiing is obviously a dangerous sport so when one of it's participants dies, it should be a time of remembrance for other skiers to remind themselves that they are putting their life on the line. The death of skier Sarah Burke should be used as an example so other participants know and understand the dangers.

  • Everything is dangerous

    Almost every activity is dangerous, and the death of one person doing something is not enough of a reason to scare people into not doing it. Skiing is done by people all over the world every day and, while activities can be deadly, the deaths are highly visible - not necessarily worse than anything else.

  • No, athletes will continue to push the boundaries of sport.

    No, free style skier Sarah Burke's death should not merit increased attention to the inherit dangers of her sport. Since the first sanctioned competition, and well before, free style skiers have always pushed further. Anyone who participates in this type of activity is fully aware of the dangerous physics involved. It's simply a part of human nature to want to push harder and accomplish what nobody else has.

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