• It should it should

    I want the death penalty to be abolished because it may cause death of an innocent life if is framed or threatened and it is human violation. Death penalty from the opponents think that death penalty teaches them a lesson but it doesn't because if it has taught them anything then the word crime would have become history.

  • Yes it should.

    I think the death penalty should not exist at all anywhere, but that is not my place to say for other countries and areas. Ideally it would be nice if we could find alternative methods and just set them behind bars for life but some people do not like that idea.

  • No One Learns Lessons With Death

    Death is an easy solution to a complex problem. Giving someone the death penalty means that person can't learn a lesson through example. Instead, that person feels he or she has nothing to live for and can act however heinously he or she wants. The death penalty doesn't bring someone's loved one back from the dead.

  • Humanity Must Progress

    Ideally, yes, I think it would be best to abolish the death penalty worldwide. I think this change will come with time as more and more people reach the point where they find it inhumane and unfeasible. The United States already has a real issue following through with the death penalty. Some other countries are still far behind.

  • Many serial killers are doing life

    Why would there be so many serial killers in general population, and rapists that murder, in general population, yet, there are individuals on death row, that are accused of one murder? And there are even individuals that are being found innocent, and taken off the row. Innocent people have also been executed. And some individuals, who have murdered, get out of prison after doing their time. None of this makes any sense to me.

  • Yes, the death penalty should be abolished.

    It kills many people a year and it isn't fair to people who deserve a second chance. Who wants to die? I don't think it's right for anyone to deserve to die. It isn't a privilege we should take advantage up. Others may disagree, but here's why they are wrong. What if you were a criminal, sitting in a chair, getting ready for an electrical volt wave. You had cords on you and straps holding you down. And then, BAM! You die. That's not how others should die. Shooting isn't a death penalty. Yes, it is bad, but it isn't the same as the death penalty. When you break a vase or do something bad when you were/are a kid, didn't you get a second chance by adults? So, why shouldn't others?

  • It should be abolished worldwide

    No person should ever be stripped of the right to be able to live even if they have to spend the rest of their life incarcerated they should be able to have the right of living, the only reason I said no before hand is because I needed to see the opinions of those who think otherwise for my English essay

  • No, and it would never work.

    It is silly to propose something that could never work because no one country could enforce "worldwide" banning of the death penalty. And, while it should be used sparingly, even in civilized countries there are times when society needs to be protected from someone violent and the resources used for life imprisonment are not worth it.

  • The death penalty should not be abolished worldwide

    The death penalty is the ultimate penalty, and should not be abolished worldwide. The death penalty is a serious penalty that should only be put in place when there is perfect and concrete evidence that the person is guilty of the serious crime that would call for capital punishment. This punishment should not be done away with as some crimes deserve this penalty.

  • The death penalty should not be abolished worldwide

    The death penalty should be used as a device to keep the system from paying for those people who would otherwise be sentenced to life in prison. If the prisoner is in for life he may as well be sentenced to death. The death penalty should also be used in the cases of violent offenders or those who cannot be reformed especially pedophiles.

  • I strongly disagree

    You see even if you do give the death penalty to one man there are still going to be millions of people that are going to kill other people . So what are you going to do go out and kill every guilty man and then guess what you could of killed a innocent man you never know for certain if the person is guilty so i think it sould be abolished worldwide

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