• It would stop crimes.

    The death penalty should be mandatory for murder rape terrorism and drug smuging. All of that destroys lives so their lives should be taken. If the executions were made public it would reduce the crime even more and make the world a safer place to live in. The people on death row get too long for appeals and should be executed within 12 months of the verdict. The people who get executed have all done terrible things and deserve it.

  • An eye for an eye

    I think the death penalty should be enforced. If a felon commits a crime horrible enough to destroy another human life, then he deserves the worst punishment possible. It would save money and countless hours of court debate if these criminals were simply eliminated. It is perfectly fair.
    However, if executions are made public, then they should be treated with great seriousness. Real life is not a movie, and any death, however just, should not be treated lightly. If we allow ourselves to enjoy watching someone die, then we are no better than the Romans, who watched people be crucified and eaten by wild animals.
    In closing, i believe that the death penalty should be strongly enforced.

  • Yes, it is fair punishment.

    Yes, the death penalty should be acceptable, because it is the ultimate retribution for a similar crime. If someone has destroyed another person's life, they should have to pay with their own life. It is only fair retribution, that when carried out by a government, is an appropriate way for a society to make whole the harm that occurred.

  • Yep, sounds great.

    It would drop the crime rate alot and it could be a nice attraction if they were puplic executions, like in Deadman Wonderland, That would be awesome. And it would be less people to feed and medical stuff so we definetly need death penalties. Bad people must be sent to hell immideatly.

  • 1/25 people who are put to death are actually innocent.

    1/25 people who are innocent equals 4% of all people who face the death penalty are actually innocent and did nothing at all, so therefore, no I dont think that killing people is the best answer, but locking them up in prison for a good amount of time is always okay so that they pay for what they did someway.

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