Should the death penalty be brought back in Britain?

  • I think that the death penalty should be brought back to Britain.

    I think that the death penalty should be brought back to
    Britain. Britain already has a low rate
    of gun crime, but the way to prevent more crime in the future is to be tough on
    crime now. I think that the death
    penalty is a very effective crime deterrent.

  • The death penalty should be an option in all countries!

    In Great Britain in particular, I do feel like they should have the death penalty for an option as punishment in certain crimes. One situation that comes to mind is the al-Qaida influenced African man who used a meat cleaver to kill a British soldier, there is no doubt in my mind that this man deserves to get the death penalty as his punishment.

  • Bring it back

    When vile creature of this earth do such evil acts of crime I believe they should be punished the same way!!! Not living the life of Riley getting 3 meals a day.. Xbox , gym, and safety from those who want to hurt them! My friends daughter was murdered.. Her body found last night!! These scum bags have taken the sweet life of a 15year old girl!! They deserve to pay as do all the other evil sad fistic vermin in our world!!!

  • Yes it should.

    I think that the death penalty should be brought back into Britain because people are getting away with so many bad convictions and they are barley getting punished. They should be killed with how serious the conviction may be ( rape/murder/child abduction etc). They should be treated worse than ever..

  • We need it

    Everyday people get raped and murded and when the rapists and murderers are caught they get 3 course meals and HD TV. How do we stop them doing it again the only reason that you should not be executed is if you have a mental disability. All murderers rapists peedophiles and terrorists should be put to death.

  • Law and order must be returned.

    Britain has become a cesspit of the world. Law and order needs to return back to society and if bringing back the death penalty is the way to do it then so be it. No one is ruthless any more and it has allowed Britain to become soft and cowardly. Should you unlawfully take the life of another then you deserve no better! I vouch for public executions as well, thus making the criminal an example.

  • We need it

    Punishment is a joke in this country. We give child sex offenders and serial killers either a smack on the wrist and a community service order or we lock them in jail for 10-15 years, which costs far too much. If we just killed them then we would be rid of the economic drain, and have an effective deterrant for committing those sorts of crimes

  • The Death Penalty is Right?

    In some cases the death penalty is necessary I believe that at times it all depends on the culprit of the crime things, like past charges and how the subject is mentally.
    In some cases its right in others it isn't I can be brought back but it doesn't need to always happen.
    I think the death penalty should still be an option.

  • Yes in certain situations.

    With certain crimes yes, but the individual should be judged, not the generic crime. It should be not publicised like America does. It should still be respected as it is murder to give the death sentence. It should only be used for the most evil crimes. I believe if you waste the life that you are given with, by creating unnecessary evil and destroying others lives then your life is not worth living. It is a gift, not a right. It is physically easy to take a life of a human being, maybe not morally, but we are weak. If we do indeed have a God, they definitely made it easy.

  • Country is a shambles

    Death penalty would allow us to become more stable as it would prevent the current generation of scum in my country continuing to perform all these criminal shameful acts without receiving a good enough punishment as if you are to kill someone and take their life so should yours be taken

  • It creates an endless and pointless cycle

    The death penalty is for those who have murders and crimes to that degree, If we kill the killers the executioner has just killed, We can not justify any killing as no matter who you are you have a right to life, With the death Penalty reinstated, We would have to kill the killers killer as they are a killer even if they are not one in the eyes of the law

  • What about innocents

    Innocents who are accuse of a crime could be killed for being a good person. This would leave society in grieving and it is not fair for the victims family who have the power to sue the government for good. What comes good out of the death penalty anyway. Fuming

  • What good would it do?

    It's not a deterrent for a criminal. It is for the likes of you and me but I for one am not going to kill anybody.
    It's bad enough that the tax money that I must pay is used to indiscriminately kill people in countries who's culture I am immeasurably ignorant of. To force me to help pay for killing a person on our own soil as law just doesn't sit right with me, personally.
    Also you could bet that this punishment wouldn't extend to the top 1%.

  • The death penalty is wrong.

    Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong. I just don't get it. By doing this, we demonstrate that killing is right, which is what we are against. The death penalty doesn't even put off the murderer or criminal off, so why do it?

  • No suffering so no punishment

    When you execute a murderer or a rapist , you are doing them a favor by not giving them a long enough punishment , yes you are killing them but its over and done with in seconds , if you put them in a cell for life however , they have to suffer for a long time as they have nothing to do all day . Don't kill them , make them suffer in a cell for a long LONG time.

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  • Ok, put simply...

    When a CRIMINAL gets executed they don't suffer. They should suffer for a long time and it should make them want to die.
    When an INNOCENT is accused and executed they lose their life for no good reason and no wrongdoing, which has happened on many occasions! There's not much you can do to apologise for wrongly executing somebody!

  • Hope for Richard Glossip.

    A wrong conviction, and there have been plenty of them will result in the death of an innocent person which is in fact state sanctioned murder. In the tragic case of Timothy Evans the experts decided to execute him and Christie was then free to kill a few more which resulted in upping the homicide total. The argument for capital punishment is thus flawed and downright immoral on these grounds alone.

  • I dont want to die

    Many tax payers are forced to pay for the execution of another human being, and there are likely many people morally opposed to murder being strong armed into paying for another humans death. A poll of the people in Britain shows that most Brits are happy with life in prison being the most severe penalt

  • NO death sentance

    The death penalty cannot undo the crime for which it is imposed. It actually creates additional victims, namely the families of those condemned. The endless appeal processes that are necessary to ensure that no innocent people are executed also render the death penalty economically unfeasible in any country that takes its judicial system seriously, such as the UK. Sometimes, indeed, even these have been insufficient and innocent people have been put to death, e.g. in Texas.By planning a killing an following through with it makes that person a murderer therefor society is no better than the murderer themselves. In the US an executioner is recognized as a legal murderer by law. So how can we expect society to stop killing if we do it to prisoners.

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Drop08 says2016-04-02T19:06:25.603
We should definaty restore death by hanging. And the sentence. Should be carried out within 30 days of sentencing. Show no remorse at all. I would definatly volunteer as a hangman i would carry out the job in a professional. Job and ensure my client would suffer a quick and painless. Death as possibly could be done .