• Very few people are genuinely bad or evil

    The majority of people in prison are there because they can't handle their emotions and they lash out, or turn to drugs, or whatever. But all these people are just broken people who are either ill or badly raised. It is their parents/society who failed them. The only humane option is to help turn them around. I could fix anyone if I had the time and money, even serial killers etc. Killing someone just because they are bad, makes YOU bad. The fact that I even need to explain this very basic thing, just shows how primitive humans are and how bad they understand the world and other humans.

  • We Need To Get Rid of It

    Two wrongs do not make a right. Someone committing a crime does not give someone else the right to sentence that person to their death or kill them. People that cosign this are animals and the scum of the Earth. We need to get rid of the death penalty as soon as possible.

  • The death penalty should be eliminated.

    The death penalty should be eliminated because history has shown many cases where the wrong person was accused, tried and convicted, then put to death. Until the justice system does a better job of apprehending the real perpetrators, the death penalty should be not be used. It does not solve any problems, it just serves as vengeance.

  • Yes it shoudl.

    The death penalty should be eliminated. First off, it is much more expensive to put someone to death then it is to keep them alive and in prison for the rest of their life. There is a chance that new evidence can come to light, and prove that persons innocence.

  • A barbaric practice

    The death penalty is an archaic and outdated concept that should not be practiced in so-called civilized societies. Nothing about it accomplishes anything and all it does it encourage ancient practices of "an eye for an eye" that should have no place in the modern world. Killing should be a cyclical process.

  • The Death Penalty Should Be Eliminated

    Yes, the death penalty should be eliminated. Every human life is sacred. Every human being has an inalienable right to life. Since this right to life is inalienable, it can never be taken away, no matter how heinous an act a person may commit. Therefore, the death penalty should be eliminated.

  • There Is Too Much Room For Error

    I'm not against the idea of the death penalty in theory. However, the fact is that we live in an imperfect world and the justice system is an imperfect system. Putting someone to death is so absolute and so permanent that it does not allow us to go back and fix any mistakes.

  • The death penalty is incompatible with human rights and human dignity.

    The death penalty does not guarantee the rights of life which are the most basic of all precious human lives. It is cruel and inhumane treatment or punishment. Moreover, The death penalty undermines human dignity which everyone should have. No one has the right to deprive others’ survival rights, According to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in 1966.

  • Death penalty is impractical

    The death penalty needs to be eliminated because it has proven to be no more deterrent than other punishments, and far more impractical. It is very expensive it costs about 5 million dollars per inmate, and innocent people have died as a result of wrongful accusations of people committing a crime punishable by death.

  • The death penalty should be eliminated.

    The death penalty should be eliminated because history has shown many cases where the wrong person was accused, tried and convicted, then put to death. Until the justice system does a better job of apprehending the real perpetrators, the death penalty should be not be used. It does not solve any problems, it just serves as vengeance.

  • It is necessary

    The death penalty allows for the justice system, which is crowded with criminals, to eliminate some criminals eligible for death. Every time you put somebody in prison, you let somebody out. Prisons are running out of room and the only way to make more is to kill those who deserve that fate.

  • Criminals should be punished!

    I do believe that the death should be brought back. In my view criminals that commit serious offences need to be punished. Prisons are not here to pamper the prisoners, they are meant to punish them! Giving serious offenders the death penalty will reduce overcrowding and most of all teach the other prisoners a lesson. Murderers and rapists should get the death penalty.

  • Some people are better dead than alive.

    I know this sounds cruel, but it is true. Tax payers pay for thousands of convicts with life sentences to be fed, clothed, and kept in safety for up to several decades. Imagine i came in to your house in the middle of the night and killed your wife and children. I get arrested and get a life sentence. Now you're paying for me for the rest of your life. I get three square meals a day, medical treatment, and in many cases, access to recreation. And your paying for it. Additionally, prisons are overcrowded. If we continue to use the death penalty, kill off the worst offenders, there would be more room for lesser criminals to be rehabilitated.

    Posted by: kmo
  • No the death penalty is a necessary evil

    The death penalty should not be eliminated. I think it should only be used in extreme cases but it is good to hold on to in case you need it. A person who commits 2 murders may get life in prison without parole. Now you have a person who kills 40 peope. Without the death penalty they are going to be punished the same as the 2 person killer.

  • The death penalty should not be eliminated.

    The death penalty should not be eliminated. There is a purpose to having the death penalty on the table to be used against the serious felons. We would also have an even more overcrowding problem if we did not allow it to be used. The death penalty is a serious tool that we should continue to utilize.

  • Capital Punishment is justice

    It is not wrong to imprison someone for kidnapping, so why is it wrong to execute someone for murder? Not taking the life of a cold blooded killer is respecting their life more than that of the innocent victim, because we as a society let that person die, so why let the criminal live?

  • In any murder cases 100% proven, there should be no need for life in prison

    Unless there is uncertainty, the death penalty would fix the problem of overpopulation in jails, lower crime rates, and save millions each year on keeping prisoners fed and clothed. If the murder was a result of a SEVERE mental condition, and not something simple like bipolar disorder or something, then the murderer knew what they were doing, and should not be given the comfort of a jail cell that has clean water, medical attention, and food.

  • The True Crime Here?

    I personally believe that the death penalty should remain, and should be used. In many cases, people are wrongly convicted yet there are many cases in which there is proven evidence of the act. Take Castro, the guy who was discovered holding three women hostage in his home where he beat and raped them. There is proven evidence that Castro was the one to do those such things yet he isn't given the death penalty. Now think about all the rapists and murders that get off with a slap on the wrist....Those sick monsters will be back on the street again...Where YOUR children aren't safe. What if that kind of situation happened to your child...Wouldn't you want the sick bastard to pay for what he did? I know I would

  • An eye for an eye!

    I believe that murder should be punished with the death penalty or else people (as they have already started doing) will exploit the system. What if there was someone who had seriously wronged you and you had the chance to kill them. In exchange for 30 years, you very well might! Now imagine if yo were threatened with death. You would never even THINK of doing it unless you had a serious mental disorder. If we followed this law, I believe crime would be cut.

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