• Not every crime...

    But for crimes like first-degree murder, I think it should. I don't want a convicted murderer back on the streets, ready to kill again. I wouldn't feel safe and neither would anyone else. (These words are only so I can submit my opinion. Just disregard these words in the brackets.)

  • If they just stay in prison

    They're just given free food, shelter, and stuff. They don't learn anything while detained and when released they return back to their criminal acts. When they kill people, they're gone forever. Grief and damage that will scar them and never go away will be afflicted.

    Then all this forgiveness crap comes in. I say no. Tell that to the person who was brutally stabbed and now is dead, never to come back. Tell that to the traumatized raped child whose life will never be normal or the same again. Tell that to the criminals that actually love killing and hurting people. Tell that to the grieving family members who sink into depression and suicide.

  • People Make Mistakes

    Even when you were a young child, sin was a part of your life. Everyone at one point in their lives has sinned at one point or another. You've either stolen, lied, cheated, murdered, etc., etc....My point is that EVERYONE has done something wrong in their lifetime. Some people's mistakes are just on a larger scale than others. But because you mess up, should that mean you're condemned to death? People are going to mistakes, more than a number of times. But it's also in our nature to be forgiving. We're going to have to let some things go. Fines, prison sentences, etc. Are better ways to handle minimal crimes. I feel strongly that the death penalty should not be for every crime. We should value human life and ending it for unnecessary reasons is rash, and meaningless.

  • We are humans !!! Detention is necessary not death penalty

    This is absolutely wrong to give death penalty for every crime.. In my opinion there are only 2 crimes which are unforgivable dat is ''' rape and murder ''' . There are many such crimes which are done by people in a state of innocence or needfulness..
    There is no such justification which can prove a accused innocent after commiting a crime like rape and murder only..

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