Should the death penalty be given to juveniles in Texas?

  • The death penalty should be reserved for adults.

    I believe that the application of the death penalty to
    minors is often racially motivated. The
    entire point of the death penalty is to execute people who are beyond rehabilitation. A child can almost always be rehabilitated
    because they aren’t even finished growing yet.
    I believe that the death penalty should be reserved for adults who are
    serial killers, terrorists, school shooters, or serial child molesters.

  • No it shouldn't

    I do not think that the death penalty should be given to juveniles in the state of Texas, or anywhere for that matter. I do think that if a child or young adult commits a heinous crime that they should be punished accordingly. The only slack i would give would be to not give them the death penalty.

  • The death penalty should not be given to anyone.

    The death penalty should not be given to anyone, let alone juveniles who are mentally too immature to even properly comprehend death and certainly not a punishment in which it is entailed. Rather than focusing so much effort on vengeance, we as a society should focus more on mental healthcare and understanding the mental diseases that drive people to commit crime.

  • The death penalty should not be given to juveniles in Texas.

    The death penalty should not be given to juveniles in Texas. They would have to do something pretty severe for them to even consider giving the death sentence. However, I think if that case would just give them life in prison instead it would accomplish the same goal. There is no reason for us to take a life especially from someone that young.

  • Life Sentences with No Parole

    Juveniles shouldn't be given death sentences for violent crimes simply because we shouldn't condemn children to die, even if they turn into adults when the death sentence is carried out. Juveniles who commit violent enough crimes should be given a maximum of life in prison without parole because the punitive nature of prison gives the offender a lifetime to think about what they did.

  • No, they are often still children inside

    The death penalty should not be given to juveniles anywhere,
    but especially not in Texas. Texas is particularly prone to execute killers,
    and it never makes appropriate allowance for immaturity. Most juveniles are too
    young to have fully formed their moral sense. Some kill in hot rage, or under
    the influence of drugs. Juveniles who kill should be locked up for a good long
    time, but they are too young to die.

  • Heck no! Why would you?

    Yes, the teenage generation is pretty bad, but is it really okay to kill a kid? No! How can you kill a kid who hasn't fully matured or learned enough to know what's right and what's wrong? I find it absurd to even talk about it. Kids sometimes just don't think.

  • Don't Kill The Juveniles in Texas

    The death penalty can be a very touchy subject for adult criminals, but considering the death penalty for juveniles, seems unjust. If a child commits a crime heinous enough that they would be eligible for a death penalty sentence, I believe it would be better to have that juvenile spend the rest of their time on this planet in prison.

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