Should the death penalty be illegal because it is cruel and unusual punishment?

  • Doesn't change anything

    It should be illegal. Why? Because, if you are a religious person, which where I live, Utah, almost everyone is religious. You shouldn't kill.
    In the Bible, it reads, "one shall not kill", and the death penalty is killing someone. "Two wrongs won't make a right." Remember that and you'll be alright.

  • This is ridiculous.

    Of course it should be illegal. It's completely hypocritical and ridiculously stupid.

    It's basically something along the lines of::
    "Oh look, this man just murdered someone! I'm going to show everyone that killing is wrong by MURDERING HIM! Ah yes, genius indeed."

    There are better alternatives. Just lock him up for life.

  • The Death Penalty Should Be Put To Death

    The death penalty is extremely hypocritical. I find it strange that a nation would denounce the practice of murder while creating the very same act. It even says it in the 8th and 14th amendment. Also, the death penalty doesn't dissuade what so ever. Having a death penalty is supposed to threaten criminals from committing crimes, but since the death penalty, the murder rate has grown rapidly. I personally think its pointless and stupid. -Mallory Wood, 12 years old, FL

  • If used correctly

    Is it right to punish someone for a crime never committed? People who are in positions to enforce justice are instead focused on the death of a fellow human being. In 2003 calvin willis was allowed to walk out of prison after 22 years because of a false conviction. Willis lost 22 years of his life because of the terrible methods and system used to convict him of capital punishment. People wrongly convicted still face problems today in resetting their lives after loosing a large amount of their lives. They also get no sympathy or even an apology from those that convicted the punishment. Capital punishment has become an entertainment to modern day civilization. The death penalty opens the possibility of executing the innocent. Over 900 people have been killed since 1976 by lethal injection, hangings, gas, and electrocution (pro quest staff 1). Texas has the largest death penalty conviction in the U.S.A. Today, while s Illinois recently became the 16th state to abolish capital punishment. Almost all of modern day Europe has receded from capital punishment. Killing a person for a crime they didn't commit is one of the most immoral actions practiced today. Capital punishment is a crime in itself and is wrong in every possible way. People close to the victims of crime show their want for an eye for an eye, but as children wasn't the golden rule two wrongs don't make a right? Why teach children a rule that doesn't apply later in life but in fact is the opposite of what is used more often in death penalty debates. Walter rodgers author of America's new drug of choice: revenge said that as long as the death penalty is available to judges and juries, we will execute people to satisfy people's lust for revenge (rodgers, 1). Lust for revenge has become the evil in people and now influences the decisions to take a person's life. If there is no death penalties available the judges and juries will then save lives and also help calm the need for revenge. Obama is a supporter of the death penalty, but is it right to follow what another man believes? No, it is the duty of a person to have their own opinions and views. If everyone followed the president this country would not be a democracy. Supporters for capital punishment believe people that commit such horrible crimes aren't fitting to live, but Chicago attorney enrico mirabelli who lost her cousin and two sons said whether he dies or spend life in prison doesn't bring my cousin back (wills, 3). Capital punishment is said to deter crime, and scare the guilty people of crimes into not committing such crimes that bring up capital punishment. Opponents to the capital punishment say it is an immoral practice that has not yet been proven to deter crime, and it opens the possibility of executing innocent people (pro quest staff 1). Capital punishment is and always will be an inhuman practice. The governor of Texas, rick perry is a cruel enforcer of the death penalty that looks to enforce it whenever possible. An arson expert told perry that the forensic evidence to a trial was severely flawed, but he went ahead with the execution. To this day the governor has yet to release information regarding the execution. Texas is becoming a very pro-death penalty state due to actions and the opinions of the governor. Rick perry has been unapologetic towards his actions concerning the death penalty. When the sentence is wrong, it hurts the convicted by forcing them to stay in jail. They could miss their kid's childhood and scar the kids as well. Not to apologize for ruining people's lives is cruel and immoral. Texas governor said if you don't support the death penalty and citizens packing a pistol, don't come to Texas (barnes, 3). Texas is shaping into what rick perry wants, an immoral country where people are executed by persons of the same race. The 1972 supreme court agreed during a trial that capital punishment is an unconstitutional practice, and goes against the eighth amendment; cruel and unusual punishment. The death penalty is an unnecessary punishment and do we really find any moral high ground in executing someone for murder, especially when we do not need to kill to punish them (rodgers, 2). To take someone's life is beyond immoral or inhuman. Its murder. A 58-year-old lifelong executioner jeanne woodford knows what people don't understand and that's the actual execution. She said that it never made sense to me that we would believe in killing a human being would make up for killing a human being (daly, 2). It's not right killing someone because he did something that can't be taken back. Some wardens find it unbearable to give the order to execute someone. Another executioner, 59-year-old jerry given said that you take an innocent life 'that means I committed murder (daly, 2). It is a sinful thing to force someone to commit murder when there is no need for death. Capital punishment is a useless action and juror ian cassel told the new york times that no one is happy, nothing is better, nothing is solved (rodgers, 2). Since nothing is solved then there should not be such an action that solves nothing but take a life from doing what it does, live. Life is something a person can hold dear to them and state senator roy brown said I believe that life is precious from the womb to natural death (barrouquere, 1). The death penalty was once a practice used to dispose of those that didn't follow the ruler. Now in modern days there is an amendment that defends against cruel and unusual punishment, but capital punishment is still used. It goes against that amendment, something that is used to improve the way of life. To go against the eighth amendment and kill someone in the process is immoral. Capital punishment is itself about killing. It is a conjoined twin of vengeance, which is blatantly immoral (rodgers, 2). One reason why the death penalty should be illegal is that the system that decides the punishment is corrupted. The majority of the pardon board must recommend clearance and are appointed to the board by the governor. If the pardon board is appointed by a governor that supports capital punishment then that would create the problem in not of having a fair board. Rick perry is one example of a heartless governor that should help influence the move to abolish capital punishment. Governor of Texas, rick perry denied a bill that would protect the mentally retarded from capital punishment. Capital punishment should be illegal towards the mentally retarded and any man who thinks that they should be executed for actions they couldn't control is an inhuman being. Scott cobb of the Texas moratorium network said about perry that we'd like to get rid of him (barnes, 2). 59-year-old executioner jerry givens understands the sort of emotional damage death can do to an executioner and now realizes the valid point that capital punishment should be deemed illegal. Givens knows from experience that the person that carries out the execution itself is stuck with it the rest of his life. He has to wear that burden. Who would want that on them (daly, 1)? Illinois has recently taken a civilized step toward creating a peaceful existence. The state of Illinois became the 16th state abolish the death penalty in the united states of America. Richard dieter of the death penalty information center in Washington knows that Illinois stands out because it was a state that used it, reconsidered and now rejects it (wills 2). Capital punishment is a horrible crime and a law needs to be made that makes the death penalty illegal. It is not right to commit a crime against someone that committed the original crime bring up the death sentence. In order to make a step up in the world and stop the slaughter of our own race then capital punishment must be illegal. The only way a civilized people can prevent execution of the innocent is to outlaw the death penalty as an option (rodgers, 1). Capital punishment is a huge problem when dealing with the execution of the innocent. As said before the government's system can be corrupt, have flaws, and even be set up to enforce the death penalty. A recent 2009 essay in sojourners magazine said there are enough flaws in the system to fear an innocent person has been put to death (barrouquere, 2). There are many flaws in the system that don't show significant evidence of a crime committed. Many people such as the twenty people that had been freed from the death penalty due to evidence showing they were innocent or had been convicted improperly. One victim of improper convictions was proved innocent by a group of northwestern university students just 48 hours before the execution. Another victim to the system spent 18 years in prison before declaring his innocence. After spending 18 years in prison the victims had to take a huge step back and have to restart his life again. When one prisoner was freed, the governor rick perry denied it was a mistake by the Texas system. Perry also says so I think our system works well, it goes through many layers of observation and appeal (barnes, 2). Governor perry thinks there are no flaws in the system when he had a prisoner set for execution freed after his innocence was proved. After a prisoner was freed rick perry contradicted himself when he told the lubbock avalanche-journal he's a good example of you continue to find errors that were made and cleared them up (barnes 2). The governor of Texas rick perry has no sense of how harsh the death penalty is. Perry also doesn't open his eyes and realize that there is the possibility of executing the innocent. Steiker a law professor said that it is fair to say a Texas governor is responsible for every execution (barnes, 2). Illinois governor pat quinn earlier banned capital punishment from the state of Illinois. Quinn said if the system can't be guaranteed 100 percent error-free, then we shouldn't have the system (wills, 2). Execution of the innocent is an immoral thing to do and should be outlawed for its crimes. And to a man who was sentenced to die for a crime he didn't commit, it's a civilized step that may inspire other states to halt executions (wills, 1). The practice of capital punishment is a crime against society. The death penalty is a crime that executes the innocent, as well as takes the lives of the living. It is now in modern days a form of revenge for those who were relatives of victims or victims there self. Capital punishment comes up way to often in court cases and should not be brought up at any moment in any situation. All people need to forgive someone for the crime and even pam bossley whose son was shot outside a church said I am Christian. I never believed in killing nobody else (wills, 1).

  • The death penalty may not be cruel or unusual, however, it doesn't do any good either

    The death penalty allows criminals to nugget off scott free. Once they are killed they do not have to deal with the guilt of what they did or confront the families that they have ruined. It is also hard for the family of the prosecuted to realize that there child, father, husband, or other is going to be killed. Criminals should be burdened with their crimes and suffer with the guilt until they die of other causes, not because someone decided that was the right thing to do.

  • Abolish death penalty

    We should abolish the death penalty because it violates the 8th and 14th amendments of the constitution. We should not be giving cruel punishment to human beings. Just imagine if that was your kid being put on death penalty, you will be very upset and wish that there was not a death penalty at all. It is unconstitutional and immortal.

  • God already judge you

    Death Penalty shouldn't exist in first place.
    "If you judge anyone on Earth, God the father of Heaven would already judge you for this. Only God has the right to judge. Human has no right to decide who must live and must die. Those who judge a person to death penalty has committed a sin.

  • Well let's look at it ...

    It's cruel because you take the life of someone. Doesn't matter how it's done, or by whom or under what circumstance, it's still cruel. No one could argue that murder is not cruel, and this is murder. To deliberately take someone's life.

    It's also unusual as US it the only country in the western world that still has a death penalty, and not even all states of the US has it, only a few. If you look at how many people have been sentenced for crimes over the last 30 years, and how many have received the death penalty one would have to say it's unusual.

  • The death penalty constitutes cruel and unusual punishment

    The Eighth Amendment prohibits any "cruel and unusual punishment". Putting a person to death, by whatever means, surely constitutes cruelty, as murder is the most extreme and horrific of acts. Therefore the death penalty, in any form, is unconstitutional, and should be taken out of the law of all states.

  • It is not just a penalty of death, but torture

    The death penalty doesn't simply entail the killing of another human being as punishment for a severe crime. It also includes an often very long period of waiting that constitutes psychological torture. Furthermore, this torture is not only inflicted upon the criminal who is being punished, but also on the people that care about the convict (family and friends) and are innocent. So the death penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment that causes suffering not just to the guilty, but also the innocent.

  • You get what you deserve

    We rely on our jury to pass the ultimate sentence. I think we should just shoot the criminals instead of wasting our time and money on death row inmates. We have DNA testing now which pretty much makes sure the guilty are actually guilty. I think a bullet is a pretty cheap way to get rid of a criminal. After all, a bullet is not cruel and unusual in a war, but can't be used for a criminal? Let me get this straight, a bullet is good enough for our soldiers to die by, but not for our criminals?

  • The death penalty is never appropriate.

    We live in a society where we attempt to find justice for everyone. If a person can prove they are innocent, we let them go. If a person is proved guilty, we mete out what an impartial judge believes is an appropriate punishment. It would seem to me, however, that killing someone is hardly an appropriate punishment for anything. What message does that send? "It's not okay to kill, unless you already did it, and then we get to do it to you"

  • 'We kill people to show that killing people is wrong.' What are we doing?

    Having two wrongs does not make it a right. Revenge is not the best answer and people should really think about it because its just is cruel.
    1. Two wrongs do not make a right.
    2. Very expensive. At least $2 million per case and $1 million for 50 years in prison.
    3. Wont make the families whose loved ones have been taken away better.
    4. And it goes against amendment 8 which is no cruel or unusual punishments.
    5. Once those murderers die no one can hide from god and justice would be made.

  • punishment is must

    Nobody has the right to take the life of other person, other than god - and if some one does that then that person should be severely punished!...I think criminals can never be changed..So in order to have peace and freedom in society the criminals should be punished...! The murderers, the robbers, the rapists...All should be severely punished...There should be no forgiveness to these heartless souls...!

  • Keep it! Do not deny victims their right for justice!

    Ok? Now why would you deny a person who was been murdered the right to justice? Why would you waste tax payer money on keeping inmates who have no remorse or compassion towards their victims. Murders SHOULD get the death penalty. It is not cruel. People who commit these crimes know very well that what they did was wrong, yet they did it anyway. The excuse anti-death penalty supporters will give you is that 'people may get wrongly executed without being guilty of the crime they are charged with' Ha! Get real, how often does that happen? And with today's forensic technology, its ALOT less likely for that to happen.

  • Say no to death penalty...

    No-one deserves to die whether or not the crime they have committed is serious... Everyone deserves a second chance in life to put the wrong things right... Death penalty most defiantly be illegal... People do right for wrong and people do wrong for right... No one is perfect we have all done bad things yeah they haven't been as bad as what the criminals have done but everyone deserves a second chance in their lives.

  • Wrong

    You cant just kill a person for killing a person. You're practically committing murder. Wastes your money and they practically torture them until they die. I agree to 'We kill people to show that killing people is wrong.' What are we doing?

    Having two wrongs does not make it a right. Revenge is not the best answer and people should really think about it because its just is cruel. 1. Two wrongs do not make a right. 2. Very expensive. At least $2 million per case and $1 million for 50 years in prison. 3. Wont make the families whose loved ones have been taken away better. 4. And it goes against amendment 8 which is no cruel or unusual punishments. 5. Once those murderers die no one can hide from god and justice would be made. 6. STOP THE DEATH PENALTY, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

  • Why pay for lethal injection?

    Lethal injection costs $86.06 and its going up each year we use it. Why should we pay that much to kill a child rapist or murder when bullets are 50 cents a piece? I don't think its cruel at all if they didn't do whatever they did to get in the situation of death row they wouldn't have to die. But I think its ridiculous that the tax money of the Americans is going towards food for murders and molesters.

  • I support the death penalty, it keeps the populace safe and sets a compelling example to deter similar behavior in other individuals.

    I believe the death penalty is an appropriately severe punishment to inflict upon those criminals who've committed the most contemptible crimes. Individuals such as murderers, rapists, and terrorists are a danger to others. They should not be allowed any chance of reentering the population through probation or escape. At the same time, the populace should not be forced to pay taxes to the government that go to the upkeep of the prisons that house these criminals. Invoking the death penalty both keeps the population safe and unburdens them financially.

    Posted by: XpDore
  • Death Penalty Should be Legal!

    If they rape, murder, or kidnap, who's to say they wont do it again. The case should have plenty of evidence proving the defendant is guilty before the decision is made. I personally don't want to be walking down the street and have a man who had been in jail for 10+ years for rape or kidnapping walking beside me. We need to keep criminals away from our families and children.

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