Should the Death Penalty be Legal for People with Mental Disabilities?

Asked by: TheSaxman9921
  • Even if you have mental issues, it's still a crime

    If a mental person murdered your baby, raped your wife and stole $1,000 from you, chances are you would want them on death row. I acknowledge the fact they have issues, but it's still a crime no matter what. Death penalty should be legal no matter what the situation is.

  • It depends what type of illness.

    It depends what type of mental illness the person has and what they did. If you are capable of making good and logical choices and you understand what your doing is wrong but you choose to commit the crime for your own selfish needs than you should suffer, especially if an innocent person suffered for your needs in your crime.

  • A crime is a crime.

    Some people may argue that a person with a mental disability doesn't know what they're doing, and that they are incapable of making sane decisions. If that's the case... Then why are they living among the people that can? Mentally incapable or not, if you commit a crime that is punishable by death, you should be punished with death, and shouldn't have a pass from the law. Young or old, disabled or sane, celebrity or not, a crime is a crime.

  • As long as we have the death penalty then yes with a few exceptions

    I'm against the death penalty. The risk of killing an innocent person is too high. However unless the mental disability actually caused the crime in which case the defendant would've been found not guilty by reason of insanity and so wouldn't be sentenced to death then it doesn't remove responsibility. The only exception I can think of is if someone had a lower IQ to the point of having the same mind as a child who is at an age where they wouldn't have been considered culpable. And I'm not even sure about that. Is there anything in common between the contents of an IQ test and realizing that if you kill or commit some other crime you could go to jail or get executed?

  • Based solely on the Question.

    No. The Death Penalty should not be legal for people with Mental Disabilities. I'm basing my opinion that the disabled has not committed a crime, for the question does not suggest it. The possibility remains that we may find a cure or treatment option to remove or at least mitigate the disability, and until we know with 99.9999% confidence that the disability is incurable and un-treatable, I will not be a proponent of the Death Penalty for people with mental disabilities.

    If they have committed an unforgivable crime, then I'll reconsider my position.

  • No it shouldn't.

    I don't think its fair to execute someone for something that they couldn't help doing at the moment because of being insane or otherwise legitimately disabled. If someone is sane and did what they did by choice, then use the death penalty if its warranted. However, if someone's disability caused them to act without knowing what they did is wrong or just without thinking, then they certainly shouldn't be killed. My argument is and will always be that these people need help, not punishment. People like this should be put in prison (while of course receiving help) only if they are a danger to society and only until their mental illness has been cured or treated/proper behavior management techniques have been mastered.

  • Death is not justice

    No one has the right to take someone else's life. That is why if you commit murder, you just violate a human right. If we are to kill someone due to the person's magnitude (may it be high) of crime, then we are not truly giving proper justice. Using life is not the currency to pay off death. Death is not and forever will NOT BE justice.

  • Depends what kind

    I agree for sane people getting killed by the death penalty but insanes that kill should be kept in some kind of houses that they cannot escape so they cannot harm anyone. Really it depends on what kind of illness. If they can do things logically and think before they do they need a death penalty, if not then no and anyway the risk of killing innocent people has always been high

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