Should the death penalty be reinstated in the U.S.?

  • Yes it should

    There are people out there who have killed hundreds, Raped many people, Commited countless acts of absolute terror and hell and should not be given the mercy of being allowed to live. Their life being alive is a right, And they should have no rights for what they took away from others. They waste our tax money, Fill the prisons, And create an uneasy feeling in anyone near them or reading about them. The death penatly is a cheap, And cost effective way to punish those who are complete mad men

  • Yes it should.

    I think we should not only bring back the death penalty. But, We should kill the murderers the same way they killed there victims. But, Only if we have absolute proof they did it. Accidental murders are not death penalty worthy. And that is all I have to say. Done.

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  • Yes it should

    Doesn't it already exist? If so, Good. I hope all countries reinstate it. I believe some people just deserve to die. This may sound bad but this is just what i feel. For example, British jihadists caught fighting for ISIS are on trail at this moment(they actually been on trial for a long time)and I think to myself, Why are people debating to let them go or imprison them? These people committed treason and joined a terrorist organization so why not execute them. They intended to kills others if they haven't already so just execute them on the spot. Problem solved.

  • It should not

    Yes, There are terrible people out there who have done countless of terrible thing, Does it mean they should die? Do we, As humans, Not do something bad everyday?
    Besides, If you really want someone to suffer. . . . Let them live every waking moment of their life shamed in guilt. This, To me, Is worse than death.

  • An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind

    All I can really say is, If a person kills another, And then he is executed for it, Who is truly better? The one who killed or the one who killed? In the end, There's little to no difference between a murderer and an executioner, It's just that one is paid to do it.

  • Should the officer in charge of killing the inmate have to live with the fact that he has just killed a person

    An official of the death penalty is obviously breaking the law because people who kill people get justice so why not the official. Why does the official get to live then. When a person is put on death row then he or she is on it for 15 and a half years so why do they get to wait for so long and why does the official get to kill them.

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