• Yes, repeal it.

    Two reasons:
    a) The person on DR also has a family, who don't deserve to lose their loved one.
    b) Innocent people getting executed.
    The DP serves no real purpose. In the end, all it can do is spread more hurt around. The victim's family is not the only family. Another family should not lose their loved one.
    And I would rather see 1000 guilty men go free, than have one innocent man on DR

  • Yes.

    Murder is wrong either way. Not only is it more expensive to kill someone by jury, on average, it's taking away someone's life. Even if they took another's life, would it really make you any different for deeming them to death. Plus, life in imprisoned if far worse of a punishment. Knowing everyday, you wake up in the same cell and it will be the same the next day. Plus a person on death row, will be on death row a decade plus anyway.

  • Yes, I believe the death penalty should be repealed.

    Nothing good can come from it, save the satisfaction of the victim having that person out of their lives for good. Other than that, the death penalty does not solve anything. The criminal is not punished for it. He or she does not have the chance to redeem themselves, not to mention the possibility that the criminal is not a criminal at all; just some poor guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The death penalty does not give justice.

  • Capital punishment is pragmatically useless.

    The death penalty has failed to meet any useful expectations. Contrary to popular opinion, capital punishment neither deters crime, nor reduces costs; rather, it presents a very real and serious threat to the lives of innocent individuals who are wrongly convicted. Moreover, we may say that the life of one innocent individual possesses greater value than that of all current death-row residents put together; if so, it would naturally follow that society's crusade to kill all serious offenders is not justified, given the significant risk of unintentionally murdering an innocent (especially considering the fact that the death of said innocent could ultimately be attributed, either directly or indirectly, to those who support capital punishment, essentially making them just as bad as those they wish to kill.)

  • Yes, the death penalty should be repealed.

    Firstly, there is always room for error. I would rather see 100 murderers sit in jail for life than have one innocent person executed due to poor or misleading evidence. It doesn't save money -- the cost to the state for appeal processing costs as much as housing 5-10 inmates for life. It doesn't even deter crime.

  • What good can they do?

    People who recieve the death penalty generally aren't good, by any means. They are too far gone to be helped in any way, and waste our countries time, space, and money. Rotting in jail will have little to no impact on serial killers--if it does, it will only be dragging out their torture. Death is swift justice, and provides scary consequence to those who are ''on the edge''.

  • No.

    The death penalty should not be repealed. There are too many people that either don't have a problem with living in prison or do not care. It is almost as if the government is telling citizens that it is okay to commit crimes such as murder as long as they are willing to go to prison for it. Keeping the death penalty as an option it will keep more people from committing crimes because they are afraid of losing their lives.

  • we should put others out of misery

    Some people do not want to spend the rest of their life in prison, and some prisoners actually kill themselves because it is so awful. I think that if the prisoner raises a significant threat to society including significantly threatening the prisoners and guards, and that prisoner has been sentenced to death, then it is a good idea to just put him to death.

  • People need to pay

    I am a conservative and i think people need to pay for what they do. if you kill someone than you should be killed. life sentence provided no closer for the families while the death penalty does, also if they are dead then they can't kill again. this is my opinion

  • Death penalty must not be abolish.

    People who got into crimes were evil. If we release them, they will still continue to get into crimes. They might also escape from prison and murder more people. New York has no death penalty and it's the only state which got the highest crime population. If people think they won't be kill, they will get carry away to kill people. Other states got death penalty, the crime percentage is lower. If there is death penalty, people will be afraid and won't do anything bad. New York had none, many people got into crimes and many people died. Especially those people who got mental problem. A black man with mental problem kill two children and were released, then he kill another person. Death penalty should be legal.

  • Capital punishment is justice to some

    I believe that the DP should stay. It may not stop crime but it absolutely does justice for those who are repeated offenders or those who commit horrible crimes such as murder and raping. Gives somewhat closure to the families because the offender took away someone in their life so take away theirs. Lesser population in jail where it's not so overly crowded and not paying so much money each year they are in there of our tax money being spent on someone who doesn't have respect and desire of other human beings so why should we have respect and sympathy for that person who committed such heinous crimes.

  • No it should be......!

    Now if the question is “should the death penalty be repealed” then my answer will be no all of our answer will be no it should not be repealed.
    I would like to remember that in our day to day life the percentage of crimes are increasing in number, which ever newspaper or news channel we switch on, the news is someone is killed or someone is raped or some other bad news. The only background reason for it is no fear within the offenders who neglect the law, they are thinking that their maximum punishment will be life imprisonment but if once death penalty is repealed there comes the fear to the offenders which results in reduced social offence and there are no other ways to get protected from social pathogens which causes a disease called “crime”. There is no mistake in capital punishing one offender for the welfare of 100 million.
    Think If there is no death penalty, an attack like Mumbai attack which held in 2008 in which 171 were killed and 239 were injured has struck India again , if offender of that attack is caught, what will do with him? Will you put him in jail? No use of putting him jail it will waste our government’s money, will you take to home where he will be cradled and fed up with milk, think about the victim’s family and friends who will suffer in the last of the victim, in such case he should be punished with death penalty, in order to add souls to the feeling of victim’s family and friend or else such terrorism will be repeated in India, not only this there are many other cases in which the offenders should be punished with death penalty like Veerappan’s colleague who spoiled our country’s natural resources and many more……
    Don’t think death penalty is killing someone, it is just like killing the pathogen in our human body and like army men killing the foreign terrorists in the border, but the main difference is we do it for our good health and they do it to maintain peace throughout the country but death penalty is done to maintain peace in a part of the country, if you agree to kill the pathogens and to kill terrorist in the border then you should agree for death penalty too. Think twice than once you will get it…..!

  • No death penalty is in need

    Death penalty should not be repealed because it creates fear which may
    stop the rest of the criminals from doing the same thing what they they do.The composition for a blood is the blood. A person who is not ready to
    show mercy on me why should i show him mercy. If someone trys to rape your sister or trys to take advantage of your sisters body would you wait for the court to come and put him in prison.Simple.The terrorist asks 1000 lives for one terrorist to be released.But i ask 1 terrorists life for 1000 such people.

  • What kind of question is this?

    Absolutely not. People are going to really say Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy didn't deserve to die after all the poor girls Ted raped and killed and all the young boys John killed? Ted broke out of jail twice, that's a hazard to society. If you kill, you should be killed. Especially even the death of a child. It may may be "government murder" and 2 wrongs don't make a right, but prisons are starting to be way over populated. Time to get the murderers on death row.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-19T09:37:13.747
It makes no sense and is contradictory to kill someone as an example to others that killing is wrong.