Should the death penalty be used for sentencing in the court system?

  • The death penalty has a place.

    I think that the death penalty has its place in civilized society. It should be reserved for use by the courts for cases that go so far beyond what it means to be human that there is no forgiving the perp. The death sentence should be used sparingly, but should be used.

  • If the crime fits the punishment

    There are many good reasons to keep the death penalty in our choices for sentencing. Not every murder, or crime deserves it, but in certain cases it is warranted. It should be used only for individuals who have demonstrated that they can serve no useful purpose in society. Serial rapists and murderers deserve the death penalty.

  • Death Penalty

    Yes, I do support using the death penalty in sentencing in the court system in the United States. If someone is proven to have taken someone's life, they deserve the same fate. If an innocent life is lost at the hand of a criminal, they should be killed the same way. Maybe it would help others not do the same thing.

  • I support the death penalty as a punishment in severe crimes where deliberate loss of life occurred.

    The death penalty is a strong deterrent for crimes potentially impacting innocent lives. While it cannot prevent all homicides, it can deter some of them. At the same time, keeping a convicted murderer in prison for life places a significant financial burden on the public, especially with the current laws protecting prisoners. For those criminals convicted of deliberately taking an innocent life, I think the death penalty is a suitable punishment.

    Posted by: ElfinDamien34
  • Human beings cannot create life, and should not be allowed to take it away.

    There are criminals that cannot be rehabilitated and should never be allowed to go free, (particularly serial murderers and sex offenders). However, "an eye for an eye" should not be applied in these situations. Regardless of religious beliefs, putting someone to death, no matter how bad the crime is, is a form of "playing god". Criminals who cannot be rehabilitated should serve life sentences without the possibility of parole, and be required to work in a highly supervised setting on jobs that benefit their community.

  • I do not support the death penalty

    I do not believe the death penalty is the option for any crimes no matter how severe. The death penalty is inhumane and in the modern world that we live in it is inhumane. There is also the chance that the prisoner may not in fact committed the crime they are accused of, which has happened a few times in recent years. If there is even a one percent chance that some one is innocent of a crime it would be a crime to have them put to death by a court. Also spending ones life in prison is a harsh enough punishment and can even lead to people reforming their previous bad behaviors. These are a few of the reasons why I do not support the death penalty.

  • Throw Out The Death Penalty

    I do not believe the death penalty should be used for sentencing in the court system. I believe humanity knows, deep down, that killing people is not a good thing. Furthermore, we generally tend to believe that it is not right to judge people, yet we do it on a daily basis.

  • The death penalty should not be used for sentencing in the court system.

    The death penalty is barbaric and it should be outlawed. Most countries do not have the death penalty because it is overly cruel. Our constitution forbids cruel or unusual punishments, and the death penalty should be abolished as unconstitutional. The only reason the death penalty remains is because politicians do not want to appear soft on crime.

  • No it should not.

    The death penalty should not be used for sentencing in the court system. It costs way more money to put someone to death rather then letting them sit in maximum security for the rest out their lives. We would save so much money if we got rid of the death penalty.

  • It is immoral oand wrong

    You would agree with it if your little brother or sister was harmed or killed but what if it was your little brother or sister was the one harming people you would think it was unfair and was wrong you would cry and scream if they were sentenced to the death penalty think about it that way

  • It should not

    The death penalty in America is a terrible form of punishment which should be never used. When a jury and judge incorrectly sentence somebody to death row for something they didn't do, their life can not be given back. However, if somebody is sentenced to life and people find them innocent later, they can be taken out of jail.

  • No, the death penalty should not be used for sentencing in the court system

    No, I believe the death penalty should not be used for sentencing in the court system. It is completely hypocritical of our courts to deem murder illegal and then turn around and commit it themselves. As Gandhi once said, "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." The punishment of life in prison can be a worse fate for many of those people facing the death penalty. Though this is my position, the argument that it is necessary does have its merits, because it is a good deterrent for many would-be killers.

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