• The death penalty has its place.

    I think that the death penalty has its place in an organized and civilized society. Some criminals do things that go so far beyond the edge of humanity and madness that they have no place in this world anymore. This goes out to serial killers, pedophiles, and the like. They deserve the death penalty.

  • The death penalty should be used today.

    The death penalty should be used today. There are many cases in which the death penalty is needed. We should invoke fear into the people that harm us and make sure they know that we can use the death penalty against them. If we did not use it a lot of our criminals would still be out on the street because of overcrowding.

  • Yes, in the most dire circumstances.

    Putting someone to death should be the last resort, of course, but for some really violent criminals it may be the only way. Anyone who could do horrible things and not repent is probably very sad and tortured inside anyway, and the public needs to be protected. It is a waste of resources to keep such a person in prison for life.

  • The death penalty should be used today.

    In some cases, the death penalty is appropriate. For the worst criminals who are clearly guilty of serious crimes, death is the only suitable punishment. Everyone was happy when Osama bin Laden was killed and finally brought to justice. Often, terrorists would continue to do damage if they were left in prison. Death is somethings the best solution.

  • Yes, It just needs to be reformed

    Currently the systems has so many automatic appeals courts even if the convicted doesn't ask for them when sentenced to death, and there are so many activists groups that will fight to keep someone from being executed that in the end it cost more money to kill them than to keep them in prison forever. What needs to happen is for there to be reforms to how we execute people and then it should be used, because these people on death row cannot be released back into the population and our jail system is already reaching it's maximum limit. We don't have the money to house them or the space.

  • Yes but it depends.

    Honestly, if someone were to take a life of someone then why should they continue to live their's? Yes, yes there is the "They should suffer in prison!" argument but the fact of the matter is when someone does something as low as taking an innocent life, then they should receive the same fate. To me, it is only fair. Now, this all depends on the case and the story of course, but yes. The Death penalty should still be used today.

  • Why would you kill people to show killing people is wrong?

    You shouldn't murder someone and give them an easy way out, if somebody killed me, I would want them to suffer in prison not a painless death. It's 2013 we need to grow up and stop doing hypocritical things to try and prove a point. Using the death penalty is killing someone to prove you shouldn't kill someone.

  • No it shouldn't.

    The death penalty is not for civilized society. How is it civilized to kill someone who committed a crime? It is expensive to put people in prison, but it doesn't have to be this way. Prisons need to be restructured so that they are more self-contained. The prisoners could do the work to make a prison run at less cost to the public. So, no the death penalty should not be used and is just a lazy way out of providing for a criminal.

  • Absolutely, it should.

    I have always been a supporter of the death penalty. In fact, I actually wrote a paper on it many years ago. I think some people just deserve to die for the horrible crimes and murders they have committed. Just simply put them out their misery as quickly as possible.

  • No it should not

    The death penalty should not be used today because it cost more to kill someone than just keep them for life in prison. Not to mention keeping them in prison and killing them is basically the same thing as society knows it because the criminal will not have any opportunities to hurt society in any way therefore the death penalty should not be used today.

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