• RationalMadman says yes.

    This is a definitely idiotic show where the 'stupid' of the week is in fact from the host, namely Dan Bench.

    It casts humiliation, degradation and outright sarcastic insults to people simply for stating legitimate opinions and views on matters that often are quite the opposite of stupid.

    It is a violation of people's rights to not be offended and to DDO's reputation as a site of peace and harmony, something which I myself have seen the brunt of when disrupting.

    All that is left to say is that if the Weekly Stupid isn't banned, it's a violation of rule T of Terms of use.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Yes it should.

    I should be noted that before the Weekly Stupid, DDO was in much more harmony and peace. Harmony and peace would be exactly what any Internet society wants. The Weekly Stupid does not benefit our society in anyway. Instead of bringing a more unified website where people debate peacefully, it has entered a more era of division since the United States in the 1860s. This is because the Weekly Stupid directly calls out other individuals created massive and unnecessary arguments. I am not against Imabench, just the Weekly Stupid.

  • It shouldn't just be banned; imabench should be executed.

    This entire show is an offence against humanity. No greater crime against good taste and political correctness has ever, in the history of media, been committed. I am ashamed that it exists and will stand amongst those who call for it's immediate removal from YouTube, those who call for all reference of it to be removed from Facebook and DDO and finally, with those who call for imabench to be immediately executed.
    For shame!

  • Banning? Not sure.

    It certainly makes it appear that embraces and encourages argumentum ad hominem - BUT - on the other hand, this is a debate site so the topic can be debated and debated again The beauty of a site of "many debates" is that it can create a form of actual dialog (my own preference). I admit the difference between debate and philosophical dialog, but many short debates? With many people? Where both sides are exposed to and willingly considering aspects of an argument they had not, previously, noticed? That's some serious fun!

  • It's defamatory. Ban it.

    The show can be considered defamatory to members depicted in it despite them having perfectly good reasons to say what they did since bench is the one who chooses what is stupid and what isn't. Such comments made by members may not necessarily be stupid but would feature on the show and would seriously damage their credibility on DDO. It is unfair on these individuals who do not even get to choose to be in the show, yet since they were in the show, regardless of their reasons for what they said, they will be considered stupid by everyone. I would recommend that bench get permission from people before featuring them in the show, even if that means they will be hard to find.

    The show would therefore tend to be more for the enjoyment of older more popular members of DDO, who will sit back and be entertained by the remarks of random people on the site. This system for the amusement of the 'bigger' members at the expense of everyone else is rather shameful to see.

    So for the sake of members credibility and reputation, since defamatory is illegal, and since imabench cannot call the remarks objectively stupid, it would be good to see the weekly stupid removed from DDO.

    PS. I don't believe anything I just said, i think the WS is hilarious, but for the sake of argument and since not many are defying it, I've posted this opinion here.

  • Insulting and degrading to DDO

    Imabench chooses people that he doesn't like and uses youtube to make fun of them and degrade the other users of DDO. Insulting other members is against DDO ToS and should be banned. It would be one thing if he just discussed the comments that are made on DDO, but he takes it further and makes blatant personal attacks against the people trying to enjoy this site.

  • It's Stupid, but so are a lot of DDO members. (Obviously, an unintentionally self-referential statement.)

    The Weekly Stupid is Stupid.*

    Those who waste time debating such a statement are also. (No offense..:D)

    Personally, I think it needs to meet two basic criteria: is it fair and not overly offensive?

    If it does not, then like the members themselves, DDO should consider banning it.

    * A question for The Weekly Stupid creators: Is the name intentionally self-referential?

  • Don't be ridiculous

    We allow all sorts of personal attacks on site, but Imabench posts a link to something he does /offsite/ and people get up in arms?

    If I say something really stupid, then by all means, Imabench, put it on the Weekly Stupid. I expect to b called out for it, and even smart people say stupid things once and a while.

  • Nah

    I wasn't aware this is a thing but it's one I'll probably check out now. People are allowed to have their opinions but if outright lunacy spews out of somebody's mouth there's no reason to ban calling them out on it, there's a difference between a controversial point and an outright idiotic one.

  • No, it is entertaining.

    No, the weekly stupid should not be banned, because it is funny. There's nothing wrong with wanting a little bit of entertainment. The whole thing is light hearted, and people should not take something meant to be fun and blow it out of proportion. It is a fun, silly little thing and it can continue.

  • Is there even a case to be made for banning it?

    "Like I said before, if you want to turn this site into a watered-down emotional police site, you're welcome to try. If you want to blow the whole thing up out of some self-aggrandizing claim to "emotional damages" or civil liability or whatever, you're welcome to try that, too. But I swear to whatever God might exist, with whatever power and resources I can muster, that I will fight you to the end of the Earth to prevent the suspension of the gritty social life of this site for the sake of some fictive ideal of human interaction." -Cody Franklin

    Don't let WriterDave win!

  • Are you serious?!

    IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T WATCH IT. Imabench has already given a giant wall of text in the beginning of most every video strictly explaining that if you are going to get offended then you don't have to watch it. I for one find it very entertaining. And seriously? You're trying to censor this guys FREEDOM OF SPEECH? I think we all have the right to an opinion. Imabench made a show based around what he thinks (and other) are stupid opinions. Nothing wrong with that.

  • People cant voice their opinions?

    If you don't like it, Don't watch it! It's quite as simple as that. I actually haven't watched any of the recent ones. In fact I think I have only watched the first one, but definitely will be needing to catch up. The first one was funny and honest. And this isn't the first time people have gotten riled up over a couple people getting insulted in the forums. I definitely don't think Imabench should get out of hand with this though, just a couple of light harmless jokes towards other members.

    Posted by: TUF
  • No - People should be allowed to state their opinions

    No, people should be allowed to state their opinions no matter how stupid or ridiculous it may be. For example, the show "Honey Boo Boo" may appear intellectually challenged. But does that mean "Honey Boo Boo" should be taken off the air? I say not. "Honey Boo Boo" has some fine points. The children are well taken care of. Their mother loves them and allows them to express themselves. And the father takes good care of his children. This goes to show that no matter how dumb the show may appear, it still has some intrinsic value. Entertainment of any kind should be allowed no matter how smart or how stupid it comes across. Freedom of speech is what makes this country great and keeps the fans happy.

  • Nope.

    Why should it? The weekly stupid is an entertaining little show. If people don't want to get offended by it, why don't they stop watching it, and all other satirical shows in existence? I find it fun, especially because it exposes the stupidity of, well, the stupid.

  • It Makes This Site Better

    It's funny - the only people screaming for the banning of the weekly stupid are those who are dumb enough to be on it in the first place. They only complain because they don't want their stupidity to be shown to everyone else. But newsflash, everyone can already see your stupidity; the people complaining are crybaby bigots who can't take a joke. The weekly stupid is hilarious and deserves to be continued.

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1Historygenius says2013-04-29T22:43:57.583
I change my mind now.
1Historygenius says2013-04-30T01:48:01.640
I am against banning the show because I am a conservative and prefer freedom. It's just more logical to be against the ban of the WS than be for it.