Should the debt ceiling be extended for more than 3 months?

  • Yes, it should be extended.

    The debt ceiling is not a number that should be debated by a dysfunctional congress. The debt ceiling is related to money THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SPENT. It is not permission to spend extra or to increase the budget. It is only to say that we, as a country, should pay the debts we already owe. The debt ceiling should be extended any time it is needed, to show that we are actually responsible and will pay off the money WE ALREADY OWE.

  • Yes, the debt ceiling should be extended for more than three months.

    The debt ceiling should be extended for as long as possible. When congress convenes and makes decisions the tax payers pay them for their time. Why should we continue to pay them to do such limited work? To be efficient, Congress should make the hard decisions in a reasonable amount of time. If they cannot come up with a plan for longer than three months at a time, then that's how long they should remain congressmen/women. For three months.

  • Is this a rhetorical question?

    I don't know what this question could be asking. Why the heck would it not be a good idea to extend the debt ceiling? We nearly fell off the fiscal cliff and we need to ensure we don't. Extending it for longer until the Neanderthals in Washington can get their act together and dish out a compromise that isn't a forced last-minute deal. They're not going to get anywhere in a measly three months. We need three years for them to be able to compromise, so an extension is definitely necessary.

  • No

    The debt ceiling needs to be addressed rather than just being extended for three months, or any period of time. We need to get honest about where we need to spend money versus where we decide to waste money. Raising a debt ceiling will just perpetuate our issues within American Society.

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