• Yes, rapists should be put to death.

    Yes. All rapists should be put to death. Rapist cannot be rehabilitated into society and the Delhi gang rapists not only raped but they also murdered their victim. I cannot think of a more fitting punishment than death for them, and I hope the people of India agree with me.

  • Death Penalties Should Be Held To Higher Standards

    The Delhi gang rapists should not receive the death penalty. While his crimes may be dishonorable and severe, they do not justify the death penalty. He would be better served by spending time in prison, where he will only receive the worst that life has to offer. He my as well suffer, just like his victims have suffered.

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jazzy99 says2013-12-27T19:46:26.647
Either the gang rapists should be brutally punished in prison or slowly tortured, the crimes that they committed are so outrageously horrifying, they really don't have any right to be treated as human because what they did wasn't human at all.