Should the democrat party be banned from all politics in America

Asked by: FormerLeftist
  • Democrats are Traitors

    Democrats are showing more and more that they hate America, Her People, And all that we stand for. Democrats are standing against liberty, Freedom, And our way of life. They care about illegals and terrorists first and put Americans last. They murder babies. They support the BLM terrorist organization as they burn down cities and murder American families. The Democrats are the domestic threat that the founding fathers warned about, Is it any wonder that democrats are trying to repeal the 2nd Amendment? They abandoned their commitment to American values decades ago, And have pledged their allegiance to communist china.

    Democrat media needs to be deplatformed, Leftist politicians removed from all levels of government, And their supporters seriously re-educated or deported. The dems are a stain on this country and are leading us down a dark path of tyranny and oppression the likes of which George Orwell cannot even dream of.

  • No party should be banned.

    Seriously. I don't agree with what a lot of the US Democratic Party has to say. But a ban? There should be no party in the United States which gets banned simply because of their platform or ideology. While members of the party should be held responsible for wrongdoing, A complete shutdown of any political party would both cause and reflect a tyrannical pattern and can even lead to a single-party state, Which does not reflect American values.

  • You'll be shutting peoples' opinions out

    By doing this you would be shutting peoples' opinions out. Also, Since democrat and republican are the main political parties, Banning one would make it to where the party that wasn't banned would have a lot of power. Not banning any party makes it to where everyone is more likely to have their views heard.

  • Democrats aren't traitors

    You shouldn't ban democrats. Yes, Every party has done something wrong. We are still supporting a form of mental slavery, And it isn't done by just Democrats, Nor is it only Republicans.

    Banning a party would be a huge deal. First of all, There will be the social stability issue. Democratic supporters would stage protests, Violent and nonviolent.

    Second of all, If one of the two main parties of the government taken over, The other would be likely to take control of the whole U. S, Which is what the founding fathers warned us about. We shouldn't fall into that also, Should we?

  • Not Banned, But reeducated

    Well, Every party has their bads. People can be traitors, Democrats or republicans. A traitor is someone who commits treason. To commit treason, Go to Washington D. C. And there, It is easier to betray government. Not promoting it, Just showing you circumstances. FormerLeftist says that taking it far away can stop it. Actually, A new leftist party will work, With different issues. I stand for liberty. The party should not be banned, But improved! No banning political parties.

  • Sounds like fascism

    To do so would be to render forfeit the Constitution, The rule of law, Democracy and civil liberties. Outlawing political opposition and dissent is a hallmark of totalitarian regimes. In Nazi Germany, The Social Democrats were outlawed and its leaders sent to concentration camps. After outlawing political opposition with the Enabling Act, Hitler assumed dictatorial powers. Mussolini also outlawed leftist opposition parties and executed trade unionists.
    Lenin, Stalin and Mao also led communist one-party states, Under the moniker of "democratic centralism". Without opposition parties, A country will invariably end up an authoritarian hellhole, Like North Korea, Russia, China.

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