Should the Democratic Party Platform Oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

  • The Democrat Party should oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    It is my belief that not only should Democrats, but politicians on both sides of the aisle should oppose the TPP. As we have seen on a smaller scale with NAFTA, trade agreements are not always advantageous to the working men and women of our country. There is already a trend of large companies outsourcing jobs to save money. I believe that the TPP would only worsen that problem.

  • Yes, the should oppose it.

    The Democratic Party is supposed to support the rights of the people. On paper it seems as if the Trans-Pacific Partnership will simply open up trade, but in reality it will encourage businesses to move their operations oversees, causing Americans to lose their jobs. This is not something the Democratic Party should support.

  • I 'm not sure

    The party line seems to be that it will increase American exports and help us grow our economy through Asian trade. I'm sure there are pros and cons, but we still need to keep trade open. We can't have a healthy economy if we ignore the rest of the world.

  • No, the Democratic Party should support the Trans- Pacific Partnership.

    No, the Democratic Party should support the Trans-Pacific Partnership because the Democratic Party is about being open to modern ideas, countries, and agreements with others. I believe that the Democratic Party would benefit from supporting he Trans-Pacific Partnership because America needs to be led by a party who supports agreements with other countries. Overall, it would look good for the Democratic Party to agree with the Partnership.

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