• Europe does not belong to white people

    This is a false sense of property here. Europe belong to black people as much as white people. Black people were present before white people, A british study prove it with the cheddar man. I only see white people when I move in europe, Except in cities like Paris or London where white people are less present. I hope it will be more diverse in the future.

  • Diversity is positive

    Diversity is the way of the future, and homogenizing the way that countries identify ethnically is an old form of bigotry that needs to stop. The larger and broader the demographics in Europe and, indeed, the world get, the more likely it is to achieve racial harmony between different people.

  • Europe will benefit from greater diversity.

    The term "diversity" has a variety of meanings, and some kinds are better than other. The mantra of diversity is not a virtue in and of itself, but a diversity of ideals, perspectives, and opinions. A diversity of trades, crafts, innovation and ideas are a benefit to any nation. Europe can only become greater if it encourages diversity of thought.

  • Yes, more diverse.

    The demographics of Europe should become more diverse because diversity is a good thing and helps us to relate to other cultures and understand them. It creates a more peaceful place to live and world to be apart of when we are able to except everyone even from different races, religions, and gender.

  • America is an immoral mistake and it's collapsing

    It's good that the indigenous people of Europe have a home. It's good that they are safe from being oppressed as minorities. They can trust and love each other as one people with history and culture and their own happiness in mind.
    Diversity destroys the freedom of the indigenous because they must bow down to the desires of the immigrants so that the immigrants can prosper. Many immigrants will not want to be absorbed into the indigenous; they'll want to protect their own culture and race. Many indigenous will resist as well and a conflict of interest will destroy the happiness and unity of the people. They will miss their sense of direction and belonging. The elites will hold on to their power while viciously criticizing the racism of the poor. The poor indigenous have no power over the situation but they will be viewed as the enemy and abused by the immigrants. The indigenous will become conquered by the immigrants. The immigrants must be provided so much power that it sacrifices the natural lives of the indigenous people. The media creates racial division and violence and the immigrants will feel oppressed and the indigenous become the villains. They lose the freedom to pursue their own interests, To love their fellows, And to achieve prosperity. The love among the people fades to hatred and depression.
    I don't see any other parts of the world with people of color trying to become more diverse and destroy their own happiness, So it's a cruel act of hate to tell the white men to do it.
    It's wrong for nations to send boat loads of their people to an unwilling neighbor. It's wrong to force your will onto others. That's a violation of human rights and an act of war really; it's an invasion.
    Diversity is a lie actually. Diversity is uniformity, Because if all races and cultures mixed there would be nothing unique left; it would all be the same. Forced universal diversity should become regarded as the act of hatred and war that it truly is. It is a weapon used to destroy the self-interest of the people and make them fight against each other.
    The different races and nations can be good neighbors to each other, Help each other within reason, And visit each other, But they should not have diversity forced on them with nowhere to go. Immigration and diversity can end up like being conquered. Some places can become diverse if they really want, But it shouldn't be forced on all of the indigenous people.

  • Europe is already diverse enough as it is/was -- just like Africa and Asia!

    So I was curious about why no one does anything at all to diversify Africa, And the consensus on the subject seems to be that there are different kinds of African people (I have come across long lists, Including but not limited to: Bantus and Kushites and Somalis and Nilotics and so on), And arguably even longer ones for Asians (Japanese, Mongolian, Siberian, Central Asian, And various kinds of SE Asian people all different from each other) which I could be on board with. Okay, So that's how we define diversity. We need to keep that definition in mind. Now we come to Europe, And the answer to whether it's diverse enough as it is is suddenly overly simplified: it's just too white. In reality though, Europe includes many very diverse groups from Celts to Hellenics, From Iberians to Scandinavians, Slavs, Germans, Basques, Sardinians, Armenians, Even Iranian Ossetians, Karelians and Gallics and Kartvelians. . . Do you see my point here? If this is the way diversity is defined, Then Europe is as diverse as it needs to be already. Or if we want to simplify everything and just choose to blame it for being too white, Then Africa is too black and Asia is too Asian and we need to take a step to diversify all these places, Except that's so not allowed, Right? I don't mean to bring trouble on other people's lands too, Definitely not advocating work for more diversity in other continents. However, This madness and hypocrisy needs to stop in mine as well.

  • All Indigenous Populations should remain the majority within their own country across the world

    Coming from someone with a degree in international relations, No country whether it be in Africa Asia or South America should be or have been overtaken by a foreign population. Diversity in “Melting Pot” nations that have had their native populations overtaken I feel should embrace the idea of a multiethnic society. However, Countries that still maintain an indigenous population should greatly limit immigration to almost a trickle

  • Keep EU culture intact

    Europe has many wonderful countries with wonderful people, Traditions, Customs and its own way of life. And Europe is no place for muslims, Far east and south third world countries and other cultures. Any other culture and country that is not part of Europe are not welcome here to stay. Because they are destroying Europe like cancer.

  • Danger to Europe

    We already have enough diversity which is unique and nowhere else found. We don't need Europe to become second Pakistan or African province. This is not diversity. It's just replacing indigenous Europeans with Asians and Africans. Europe is for Europeans. This is our home. Asia and Africa are a lot bigger and people of these continents should stay there and let us keep our continent to ourselves instead of taking over slowly our countries and claiming to be same Europeans like us.

  • Europe is Europe

    Asians are for Asians, Africa is for Africans, Europe is for Europeans. "Diversifying" Europe will actually decrease the diversity of the world. We should work to preserve the identities of different people's and countries and that'll give us a truley diverse world. If we diversify Europe, Europe will lose it's distinct identity. Countries such as America and Canada are for diversity, but I firmly believe Europe should stay homogeneously European.

  • Europe is diverse enough as it is

    Unlike what you read and think about Europe, we are diverse enough. Why? Let's see.
    Within the European Union, there are 23 officially recognised languages. North America has how many - 5 (USA has no official language)?
    Europe also has ethnic diversity. Most borders, especially in Eastern Europe, show where one ethnic group ends and another begins, each having its specific customs and culture.
    Some countries, like Russia, have multiple indigenous ethnicities living in it in their respective regions.
    Europe is very diverse. With the Schengen open borders and the increased trade more countries became more mixed as Germans, Brits, French and Spanish moved around and eastern Europeans flocked to the west after 1989.
    Do we an external push for even more diversity? No.
    We need to preserve this diversity by preventing the homogenisation of the many ethnic groups.

  • No we should not have to make europe diverse.

    Europe has always had a proud history, with very little. Immigration to speak of. Europe already is diverse as a continent, from russia to sweden, to germany to france, all the cultures differ alot and all sum up to european culture. I assume the question seeks to ask if europe needs more culture outside of europe. The answer is no, we dont need nor should we want them. Most other cultures colide with our. Keep europe european. Same as china can stay chinese, and saudi arabia isnt forced to adhere to other cultures, europe shoundlt either.

  • No, Europe does not want or need it.

    Diversity as in 'ethnic diversity' has added nothing positive to Europe and multiculturalism has been discredited as a practical ideology by the decade long study study undertaken by Harvard professor Robert Putnam. With the voluminous social problems associated with multiculturalism, It has since been denounced by both Angela Merkel and David Cameron(Leaders of Germany and the UK respectively)

    Europe isn't the dumping ground for the world's strays, it is a continent with a myriad of established cultures, customs and peoples. I see no tangible benefit to the people of Europe in allowing a debunked ideology and failed social experiment to further continue.

  • Let Europe be for Europeans

    There is no reason the demographics of Europe should become more diverse. Unlike the United States, which since its origins has called for immigrants from all over the world, European countries are homes to specific cultures of poeple. Those cultures should remain as they are. Forcing diversity just doesn't make sense there. No one calls for diversity in Africa, so what is the big deal here?

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