Should the Department of Homeland Security be abolished?

  • The Department for Homeland security is an American Gestapo

    In the time since it was created the department has failed to address the security breaches, mass killings, and drug crimes and corruption that pepper our news media. Instead we are insulted with wiretapping, surveillance, black world torture sites and direct attacks on our Constitutional Rights. We are expected to take on faith that without homeland security things would be worse because all of their work is classified. The FBI is plenty for our internal affairs. Those who give up their liberty to get security will obtain neither.

  • They should be abolished

    Why do we need a Homeland Security if we already have an FBI and a CIA? At one point, the government should think "Hey we already have enough federal police departments". All the DHS does is the same as the FBI. They should make all easier by abolishing them an leaving the job to the FBI and CIA.

  • It should be abolished.

    This cabinet department was created after 9-11 to oversee already existing agencies such as Customs and Border Protection, FEMA, TSA, Coast Guard, and Secret Service.
    Prior to that, these were all independent agencies with no overseeing department.
    Since then DHS has not prevented a single terrorist attack. Those few that might be attributed to DHS were more likely prevented by the FBI and CIA (already existing prior to 9-11 and warned about Osama bin Laden). The DHS is wasteful and ineffective. There are also many privacy concerns due to things like Data mining.
    We already have the programs in place to combat terrorism. We absolutely do not need the DHS now any more than we did prior to 9-11.

    My three biggest problems with it are ineffectiveness, wastefulness, and the right to privacy. All three are legitimate reasons to abolish the Department of Homeland Security.

  • The department of homeland security should be abolished

    Perhaps america should take a lessson from those other countries who don't need a glorified security force harrassing anyone and everyone who walks through their borders. The united states are so afraid of someone taking away a freedom which they lost a long time ago. The sad part is, when you storm into a country and kill their people for oil or any other resource eventually they will come looking for you. In short, america should stop trying to police the world (or anything for that matter) for time has shown they are extremely bad at it.

  • We should not

    I'm a Democrat, I really am, But I doubt it is a good idea to abolish this department. See, While it is true that it costs $40 billion, It is also true that we could just moderately reduce spending for ICE, As 229, 000 jobs exist thanks to the Department of Homeland Security. Another thing we could do. Implement gun control. Background checks and extra sales tax on purchasing new guns in order to lower the murder rate. You may be thinking "How would that create jobs? ". Well, A lower murder rate means more tourism. When Donald Trump tried to establish his travel bans, Tourism slightly fell, Powerful enough for 40, 000 jobs to be lost.

  • No we should not.

    The sad truth is that America will be vulnerable to terrorist attacks if this department is abolished. More people will die if we don't have any type of security to prevent another 9/11. Any terrorism can originate from anywhere around the world, not just radical groups from the Middle East. Abolishing the department means leaving a hole for any attack to occur.

  • The department of Homeland Security is necessary.

    America needs a department of Homeland Security. America faces threats from many foreign
    nations. Immigration is a serious
    problem, and we need as many agencies as possible to help us deal with this
    issue. Also, terrorists around the world
    are coming here in order to plot attacks against our country, and we must
    defend ourselves.

  • The department of homeland security should not be abolished.

    It is an inconvenient truth that terrorism is and has been a problem in this country. The Department of Homeland Security is here to protect us from such threats and they have done a decent job. Although I believe this department is important to preserve our safety I do not believe they should have the ability to violate any persons civil rights.

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