Should the Department of Homeland Security decentralize?

  • for saftety of our nation Homeland security should decetralize

    I think it is necessary for Homeland security to be decentralized because it would only assure our nations safety. Homeland security deals with all the problems and cause that could be a threat our nations. To prevent some thing like 9-11 to happened again it would be necessary to have trained professional to handle situation all around the nation.

  • DHS Should Disband

    The Department of Homeland Security should disband altogether. Instead, America should recall its troops overseas and make them a true Department of Defense as opposed to a de facto Department of War. Military troops can oversee homeland security just fine without civilian intervention in the bloated and very expensive DHS. Homeland security is necessary, but our military can handle that job just fine.

  • DHS is fine they way it is.

    DHS has been keeping the safety of our nation since 9-11, so it should still be working (it is still working). F f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f . Did that cause I needed 50 words.

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