Should the Department of Justice be involved in the Philando Castile shooting investigation?

  • Yes, the should get involved. T

    There have been far too many police shootings that have resulted in the execution of an innocent, unarmed person. The Department of Justice needs to investigate all of these crimes and persecute the people involved so that nothing like this will happen again, and black people will not have to be afraid.

  • Yes, it should

    Even local MI authorities asked for the oversight. It's not clear what happened, and in such a potentially explosive situation, hopefully an outside party can help determine what occurred. Also, it might calm the situation if outside parties can help allocate any blame. It seems pretty extreme and the family and community deserve some answers.

  • Yes, the Department of Justice should monitor the Castile investigation.

    Yes, I agree that the Department of Justice should be involved in the Philando Castile shooting investigation. Although cases against the police in which a victim was killed for no "apparent" reason are very rare, they deserve to be investigated correctly. The Department of Justice should in the least monitor the investigation.

  • Yes, the DOJ should be involved in the murder of Philando Castile.

    It is my belief that Philando Castile was murdered without cause. With the rash of police assassinations of black people over the last two years, it is imperative that the investigations into these shootings show no hint of partiality, bias, or coverup. The only way to ensure that is to remove the local investigating units completely in favor of federal investigators. Also, if a federal investigation becomes the standard operating procedure in these cases, perhaps there could be some standardized measure with which to determine each case.

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