Should the Detroit Red Wings get a new $400 million taxpayer-funded stadium while the city goes bankrupt?

  • Joe Lewis makes the city alive.

    The Joe Lewis arena is what brings so many people to Detroit in the first place. Yes the city is going bankrupt, but the Red Wings brings so many people to the city of Detroit and they deserve to get a new stadium because it brings life to Detroit that would not be there in the first place. Without the lions, and without the Red Wings and Tigers, Detroit would be nothing.

  • The City Is Going Bankrupt

    I think it would be better if we wouldn't fund a new stadium the city is going bankrupt you want a few hundred people going into poverty because of a stadium it's just not right some people might even start dying it wouldn't be fair you want more fans other than helpin people in poverty?

  • City of Detroit Goes Bankrupt While Detroit Red Wings Enjoy $400 Million Taxpayer Money

    This is a no brainer. The Detroit Red Wings should not be allowed to receive $400 million in taxpayer money while the city itself goes bankrupt. The money could be used in countless other methods that could benefit the city as whole. It could be used to improve the schools, communities, fire and police department and much more.

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