Should the Developed North Increase Aid to the Less Developed South?

Asked by: admin123456
  • Yes they should

    While many may say that this is a bad idea because "they should deal with it themselves. " Its not that simple. They don't have extreme poverty because they those to or because of bad government decisions (Well aware that theres a lot of corruption but most of that stems from the poverty itself). A lot of the countries in Africa and south America have that poverty from the inherited geography. For example the USA had a huge advantage when it comes to geography. They were a sea away from any big power, Had rich soil in the south making it ideal of plantation, Having a variety of terrain and more. Countries in Africa on the other hand have arid and dry terrain making any agriculture near impossible there for having a huge disadvantage.

    I know many will disagree with this in itself but we should use our good fortune and wealth to help others the genuinely need it,

  • Developed north should help the developed south

    Yes, The developed north should help the developed south as they have consistently been looting the countries int he South by forming empires that exploited and stole the natural resources of these countries. Now these former empires we call the developed world have stole the resources of the now poorer countries and have used it build themselves, It is time to pay them back!

  • Developed North should help the less developed South.

    YES. Developed North countries should help the less developed South countries. Because many pollution such as climate change, Global warming, Environmental pollution and water pollution caused by the industrial revolution caused the ecological balance to deteriorate. The northern countries that disrupt the balance to protect themselves should help the South.

  • No we have been sending aid and its not working.

    A lot of these countries like Valenzuela, Congo, And Zimbabwe are poor cause of corruption and stupid policy's. Another reason is cause of internal conflicts that take away the aid instead of it going to development. Another reason we shouldn't send more aid is because many of these countries will become reliant on this aid it will get to the point where if we stop they will collapse.

  • Does it really help?

    From a Christian perspective the answer should be "Yes".

    But. . . . Christians which are not brainwashed by the Pope or other evil-minded persons they see and they hear very clear what is going on in underdeveloped countries.
    Statistics can open your eyes.

    What do we get in return from them?
    A TV reporter once asked a little boy from the Gaza-strip what he will do when he is an adult. He immediately responded: Killing Jews and Christians.
    So what? Supporting Islam countries? Who is so stupid to do that?
    Nobody does that, Except the German Government, But that is another story.
    A man from Niger has two wives and nine children. With a little help from abroad, He said, He could marry a third women and would have three more children. Having twelve children he then would be the most respected man in his village, And Allah is great and mercyful, He added.
    This are two examples I saw in the German TV. There are thousands of them.
    People and governments that are Communists or dictators, Or believe in Allah or Voodoo-Ghosts or hate Jews and Christians should generally not be supported. It is better to burn the money rather than giving it to them.

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  • No they should not.

    Northern Countries need to work on solving their own underlying issues, Before any effort should be made to help the south, All global super powers exist in the Northern Hemisphere and are far more important politically, Militarily and economically. Most of these countries are backwards and undeveloped and deeply corrupt they should take it upon themselves to solve their own problems.

  • No they shouldn't

    The development of the south is not the responsibility of the north. This is why we have our own civilizations for us to function as a whole. All countries started out from nothing. Basically what I'm trying to say is that the south is abundant of resources - utilize them.

  • Too much corruption.

    Ever find it funny how even in some of the parts of the world with the worst living conditions, The leadership live like kings of thriving countries?
    Over the decades, We sent these countries billions of dollars yet it seams that the problems still exist. We hope they will use it to fund education or industry but it just ends up in the hands of drug lords, Corrupt government officials, Or even terrorists. Have even heard how air dropped supplies intended for people involved in tragedies have been intercepted by evil doers who sell the free food at a huge mark-up.
    About the only way to actually help these countries is to send in the right people to correct their corruption. We would hold a new election for them, So we could monitor it, And screen the candidates for illicit behavior. The new leadership would also get help in how to structure a budget, Help with laws, Schools, Hospitals, And industry. This too might cost quite a bit but at least there should be positive results. To help fund this type of aid, We could be a form of consultants and charge the country for our services at a discount depending on how much the country can afford.

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