Should the developed world be doing more to protect vulnerable species?

  • definetely they should

    Developed countries and in general all progressive society should be doing more for vulnerable species all over the world. It's their main responsibility to take care of those, who can't take care of themselves, to protect and to help them to develop. It's important to keep Earth in a balance for the next generations.

  • I think so

    The developed world has a responsibility to protect vulnerable species. This is originally why we came up with the endangered species list. If we want to keep these species alive, we need to do all that we can to help ensure their safety. It would be tragic to lose certain species.

  • The developed world should be doing all they can to help vulnerable species.

    Protecting the planet we live on includes all living beings on it; therefore, the developed nations should be trying their hardest to help protect vulnerable species' from around the world. If we don't, the world will slowly deteriorate until the whole ecosystem is thrown out of balance, which may or may not eventually become irreversible.

  • Protecting Vulernable Always Important

    Yes, the developed world should be doing more to protect vulnerable species. Our environment and all the creatures in it are important--many would say vital--for our survival not to mention the fact that it's just the right thing to do. The developed world is in an important position to be doing more.

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