• Developing countries should be helped by richer governments.

    Yes, wealthier countries should provide financial and social support to developing countries. Despite our differences, we are all of the same race (human), and thus should want everyone to have a safe and comfortable life. Countries that are better off should help developing countries achieve and maintain their own successes as well.

  • Yes: The Developing World Should Be Supported By Wealthy Nations

    In saying yes to this kind of support, it should be noted that financial support often comes in the form of predatory loans which further bankrupt struggling countries and their people. Food aid often comes in the form of genetically modified crops which local populations do not want. So while it is important for wealthy nations to help poorer ones, the help must be the kind that is of genuine assistance, and does not undermine local economies or the environment.

  • supported by richer governments

    I personally agree,More than 57 million children around the world do not go to primary school. At least 250 million children cannot read or count, even if they have spent four years in school.
    Every child should have the chance to go to school. But it’s not just about getting them into the classroom. It’s also about making sure they are well taught and that what they learn actually improves their opportunities in life.

  • Should Have Support

    I believe the developing world should be supported by richer governments. I believe one of the important aspects of globalization will be reaching out to each other for things we can offer to society as a whole. I believe countries should be available to support them rather it be with advice or buying their exports, etc.

  • The developing world does not need help.

    The idea that countries can be "developing" is presumptuous in itself. When the settlers came to America, they also wanted to "develop" the natives. The natives had a perfectly harmonious system with little violence. The settlers came and "developed" them into something more like them. There was nothing wrong with the way the natives lived aside from the way the settlers viewed them. "Developing" countries may not want or need "developing". They may be just fine without other governments meddling in their affairs.

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