Should 'The Diary of Anne Frank' have been edited to omit the mention of female genitalia?

  • This protects her privacy

    This censorship helps to protect Anne Frank's privacy. When she wrote her diary, I don't think she intended for millions of people to read it and see her most personal and inner thoughts and feelings. It also helps to make the reading more appropriate for people of all ages around the world, allowing them to read the diary without worrying about it being too mature.

  • Children read it in school.

    Without editing "The Diary of Anne Frank," it would not be the famous work that it is today. It was necessary to edit because it is not proper to have children reading things like that in school. Some parents do not want their children to read about those kinds of things, so it's better to make the edits.

  • I don't think The Diary of Anne Frank should be edited to omit anything

    I don't understand why the mention of female genitalia is all of a sudden an issue and requests to omit are being heard. The book has been in publication for over 50 years and should be left as close to its original state. There is no reason to omit anything that some may find sensitive or offensive.

  • No, "The Diary of Anne Frank" should not be edited

    No, "The Diary of Anne Frank" should not be edited to omit the mention of female genitalia. The importance of this book lies in all of its truth and honesty. When this perspective is interfered with readers lose the true perception of what the circumstances of the war were truly like.

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