Should the Digital Millennium Copyright Act be reformed?

Asked by: naturewalking
  • Yes, the DMCA Act should be reformed.

    The Digital Millennium Copyright Act should be reformed because it does not work the way that it should as it is written. The Act itself is also not enforced. Online, people often send DMCA take down notices to companies and individuals that use other peoples media without permission. These take down notices often go ignored.

  • Why does the law say I can't copy my own legally purchased Blu-ray, DVD, or game disc?

    The law states that indeed I do have the right to copy my media for archival purposes. In case that my media becomes damaged I should have the ability to revert back to an archived copy. However, if I use a method that circumvents copy protection on the designated media I am braking the law. So even though I can legally possess a backup of my DVD, I cannot legally copy it since all DVDs use at least CSS encryption which is a form of copy protection. I feel like the current iteration of the law makes the consumer out to be a criminal and needs to be changed to a more reasonable standing.

  • That's just copyright mafia, they aren't concerned about their rightful profit, rather maximising and nickeling even the blood out of every person

    The labels think that everything out there belongs to them, even the things that aren't theirs. They don't care about that, nor the artists' rights, all they care about is getting more money regardless if they have to do it legally or make it legal even if it is extortion.

    Their target this time is that they want to force ppl to use services like Itunes and Spotify so they can increase their profits.

    They have the right to attempt that, but the way they want to achieve it is very dubious and depending on how the DMCA is reformatted, it can severely damage freedom of speech and be used for censoring anyone they think "use their content" improperly.

    They have the right to profit, but not whilst forcing ppl to use the services they want or by forcing other services to close.

    All the artists has Youtube and Vevo accounts and gets their deserved pay, like any other Youtuber out there. I don't see what's the problem here, ppl can freely listen to their music that they've posted for free?

    Ppl would still not want to use Itunes or Spotify unless the artists quit Youtube, which what seems they are trying to do - bring youtube down so they have control over what ppl have access too, which is not defending artists' rights to profit, it's called totalitarianism and last time around it was hailed as very wrong and awful thing done by ppl like the nazis and communists.

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