Should the disabled fight negative representation of disabilities more aggressively?

  • Yep... At least with mine it's rarely good.

    It's like most people who talk about autistics have never met one. I'm not a cynical jerk, and I'm also not completely incapable, and none of us have to be.

    I'm the most violent autistic I know and I don't even kill mosquitoes, I'm smart but no genius and I'm definitely not good at math, I don't hate myself, I'm not always pleasant to be around but I'm also no nightmare, and I like being autistic even if it can be hard as heck.

    I know every autistic is different, but the common stereotypes are outright insulting, and I would rather never have an autistic character in a show than have one represented they way the most often are.

  • Yes, disabled people should fight negative representation more aggressively.

    Ok, first off I have a physical disabily. I'm slowly trying to make the people around me and those of my community to change things for the people too weak to do it themselves. It annoys me when people just sit back and accept what is immoral as the norm such as derogatory comments to those who are disabled. I've played wheelchair basketball for my half of the country and my best friend is playing in the paraolympics for pete sake! I refuse to be treated less than anybody else in this world.

  • Yes, they need to fight for respect.

    Although disabilities are not on the same level as some things for discrimination and hate, such as transgender people, for example, there are very few positive representations of disabilities in the media. Normalizing disabilities by removing as much of the negative representations as possible is a great way to increase the self-confidence of people with disabilities and improve cultural awareness.

  • Yes the disabled should fight negative representation of their disabilities.

    The members of the disabled community should and need to be more aggressive in how they challenge the image of disabled people that most of society holds. The disabled should be fighting the stereotypes that are all too often used to portray disabled people in the broadcast and print media, as well in movies.

  • It takes a fight and it is worth a fight.

    Persons with disabilities are among many of us. Those with physical disabilities stand out but are among many with subtle disabilities like mental health. There are several reasons to make disabilities known. One of which is community. People know they are not alone in their life's disadvantages. In turn, the collective body can raise awareness and take their disabilities and make them in to a strength. Thus, those in the disabled community can shift their focus from what they can't do to what they can do.

  • Yes, if they have the time and energy.

    Yes, the disabled need to fight negative stereotyping of themselves and their abilities as much as they can. However, just as racial minorities get tired of having to fight all the time and have other interests, so I imagine do the disabled so other people need to join in the protests also.

  • Disabled fight negative representation of disabilities more aggressively?

    I do believe that disabled people should fight the negative representation of disablities more agressively because people with disabilities should be taken better care of they shouldnt have to go threw alot negative issues of getting what they need to get buy. The disabled should be treated just like anyone else.

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