• Men are always bashed on.

    The discussion of gender inequality should take some new form. We should discuss how men are now bashed all the time in favor of women. Media outlets will show that news and opinions on gender studies always discuss how men are wrong because of how they feel or some traditional action they take. We need to discuss why this is. Why are women getting all the positive press?

  • The Discussion Needs To Be Honest

    Women have come a long way over the last century, but there are still important issues to be tackled. Quite often, men want to claim that women are fully equal and not really want to talk or acknowledge that there are still many glass ceilings that need to be shattered.

  • Yes, we need to move beyond old stereotypes

    In my experience, many women who identify as feminists are very prejudiced about gender. They proceed from the assumption that men are guilty of sexism until proved innocent, and in any dispute about gender politics, women have a unique insight and men are clueless oafs. Women can be prejudiced about gender to, and many are. We need to be as rigorous in denouncing the sexism of women as we've been lately about denouncing the sexism of men. Prejudice is wrong, no matter who commits it. I don't think that's a generally accepted fact, but it should be.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I believe for the most part problems with gender inequality have been repaired within the United States so I don't think the discussion needs to take some new form. I believe problems will continue to pop up irregularly and they should be handled appropriately. I believe our actual problem is centered with the income gap we are now experiencing which is a far more important topic.

  • No, gender inequality discussion should not take a new form.

    I think that the idea that there is still a gender inequality in this day and age is silly. I think that there will always be people who will blame their problems and shortcomings to things. Gender inequality discussions only serve those who want to advance their roles without working for it.

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