Should the distribution of handbills on public property be banned?

  • Yes, these are a nuisance.

    Yes, I believe people should not be allowed to distribute handbills on public property. It is so annoying to come out of a grocery store and find a handbill flapping under your windshield wipers. These handbills contribute to the litter problem because most people are so aggravated by them that they crumple them up and toss them on the ground.

  • No, they should not be

    I think some places have done away with small signs on peoples lawns,but I think its okay. If you want to put signs out there for elections or a vote. I think they would be a nuisance if they didn't get picked up,but in time they are all gone, so I see no issue with it.

  • It is a place to find people.

    No, the distribution of handbills on public property should not be banned, because people have a right to say what they want to in a public forum. The handbills should not be obscene, but as long as they do not harass anyone, they should not be allowed to ban them, just because a few people want to complain.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe the distribution of handbills on public property should be banned. I do think these people should obtain permission from the authorities who use the public property, rather it be a store or a mall, or maybe a public parking lot. The people who intend to pass out these bills should get permission, but the practices should be allowed.

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