• Wealth equals health in todays economy,

    Wealth equals health in todays economy, thus meaning that the 1% that have much wealth get better hospital care making low and working class Citizens work harder, as well as the fact that this debate can be tied to another witch is currently being voted on by Congress "Should the minimum wage be upped to $10.10 an hour?"
    I which I also vote yes and to this I must agree with all 100% and go Yes.

  • Yes, it should be.

    The United States is, by far, the wealthiest nation on the planet with a gross domestic product no other country comes even close to matching. There is no reason for the distribution of wealth to be so top heavy. I'm not saying everyone should have the same amount of money, but at least give minimum wage workers the chance to be able to afford an apartment.

  • Yes, but this is probably an ideal that can't be attained.

    Yes, I do believe that the wealth in the United States should be distributed more equally. However, if we felt this way to the extreme, that's essentially the philosophy of communism. It would be better if those who were wealthy chose to help their fellow man; not with donations, but with actually really helping people. If we all actually helped people hands on rather than relying on making donations, we'd find our world would become more equal, or at least seem more so.

  • yes it should

    yes, i think that it would be a real good idea for all of the wealth that is in the country today to be spread out a whole lot more between the people of the nation. I think that it would be a whole lot better for all of us.

  • Yes,the distribution of wealth in the United States should be more equal.

    Yes,the distribution of wealth in the United States should be more equal.With so many resources in the United States there is no reason at all that income disparity should be so great.The key is to get more training to the masses so they can enjoy the fruits of the technological age.

  • Income inequality is a major threat to American prosperity

    The distribution of wealth in America has almost never been more skewed. The nation went through waves of unprecedented prosperity in the 20th century, and this was enabled by equality of opportunity. The two worst economic crises of the past hundred years, in the 1920s and 2010s, were marked by one thing in common - grossly unequal distribution of wealth. This is a result, not a cause; merely redistributing wealth will not fix anything. Rather we must ensure that the circumstances allow equal access and opportunity.

  • People need to stop Complaining like Insects

    I myself am poor and am frustrated, but what if I worked my way up from the bottom of the economy to get where the wealthy are, I wouldn't let my wealth be taken. Should that hard work be taken away because people think it unfair. No, sure the wealth distribution is unequal but life isn't fair. If your not happy then try to do something yourself like run for president, become a politician, or if your really frustrated and have had enough of the unfairness in life murder those who would stand in your way or just kill yourself. P.S. I wish for no one to kill anyone or themselves. It was just a figure of speech and if I have offended anyone I apologize, but will not take back what I said.

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