Should the DMZ remain an ecological reserve even after the reunification of Koreas?

  • Yes. The DMZ should be used to protect wild life.

    Yes. The DMZ should remain just as is; even after the reunification of the North and South Korea. The DMZ has been a place where wild life is protected, and it should not be changed due to reunification. The newly unified country will be able to enjoy the wild life together.

  • The DMZ Should Not Be An Ecological Reserve

    After the reunification, the DMZ should not remain an ecological reserve. One reason for this is that it would continue to be a barrier between North and South Korea and could add to tensions between them. Another reason is that it has been a place that animals cannot live because of the danger. There is a park in an isolated area of the DMZ that contains endangered species and many kinds of animals and I think it would be good to keep that, but not the entire DMZ as an ecological reserve.

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