Should the DOE be able to search students' property?

  • They should scan

    They should scan a child's locker because what if after class they want to kill a teacher? It can be very unsafe for schools not to have daily scans because they can have drugs or guns. They should also have locker checks because even though people are sure that nobody would do such a bad thing, it is still a very good thing to make sure that everyone is safe. It would be a big change and that can also make the world and children more safer

  • DOS Should be Allowed Searches

    Yes, the DOE should be allowed to search students' property so long as they are on school property. At school, there is no reasonable right to privacy, and DOE officials have to consider the safety of the student body as a whole. Therefore, searching a student's property is not outside the realm of the reasonable.

  • No they should not.

    What if the child has something meaningful to them in their locker that nobody else should know about, a memory of a family member, etc. Kid should have a right of privacy, they are human too and have their own secrets to keep. It is not allowed unless police say so.

  • No the DOE shouldnot able to search student's propterty.

    A students property is just that, their property. If the DEO wishes to search it they should have to contact the police and get permission to do so just as police have to get permission to search a persons property. By attempting to search a students property you are violating his or her rights.

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