• It's a completely unrealistic age.

    In every other way an American is an "adult" at 18. Heck, the way we're going, we'll be prosecuting kindergarteners as adults in capital cases pretty soon. It is hypocritical and oppressive to ban drinking for those 18 and over. If we're going to allow 18 year olds to vote and die in war, we have to let them have a beer.

  • The drinking age should be lowered

    The drinking age should be lowered to at least 18 because that is the age of adulthood. At age 18 one can smoke, vote, and be enlisted in the army yet they can not drink. Lowering the drinking age would benefit because people would have experience with drinking, and have more control.

  • The drinking age law is antiquated.

    The drinking age should definitely be lowered to 18. During the war in Vietnam 18 year olds were being drafted into the military while the voting age was 21. People eventually became outraged and said if 18 year olds can be soldiers then they should be able to vote so the voting age was lowered. At this time the drinking age was still 21. My argument is if 18 year olds are acknowledged as adults in regards to the right to vote or serve in the military then they should definitely be able to drink like adults who are 21 and over. It is only common sense.

  • Why are you Asking?

    Alcohol is a terrible habit that hurts way more people than it helps. Despite the good effects on health that it can have on some people, (older people in relation to heart problems) many more people (mostly younger) abuse the substance. The question should not be proposing to make alcohol available to more people; rather, it should be asking whether we should even have alcohol for people as young as 21 at all.

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xatoo says2013-10-31T19:01:48.367
It already is 18 here in the UK -sticks tongue out- :)