• Ive been heavily drinking since I was nine

    My mum and dad forced me to drink alcohol and it was the best thing that happened to me I am now 32 with 6 kids and living with 2 birds that I am happily in a relationship with, I am glad to say I have no job and never will spending all my benefits on alcohol for me and my family however because am I responsible dad, I don't let my kids 'get on it' till theyre around 10.

  • No, drinking is for adults.

    No, the drinking age should not be lowered in Britain, because alcohol affects the brain of a young person differently. Someone who starts drinking at a young age is more likely to become a substance abuser later on in life. Young people act more dangerously when they are drunk than when they are old. There is plenty of time to drink later on in life.

  • The legal drinking age in Britian is low enough.

    In the UK the legal drinking age is already quite low compared to the rest of the world, it is at 16 I believe, and that is plenty low enough. Any lower than that and you are almost forcing liquor on to children. At that young of an age if these kids want to drink they have to go through a parent, which is more responsible and will keep more problems off of the street.

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