• Drinking Age Should be Lowered to Eighteen

    Yes, the legal drinking age should be lowered to eighteen because at eighteen, an individual in the US is allowed to serve in the armed forces, thus putting their life at risk. That these same individuals cannot purchase a beer to unwind is a bit perplexing and is an archaic law.

  • My English Teacher

    In the 9th grade, I took part in a debt about this topic. My English Teacher has lived in a place where the drinking age was lowered to 18 and noticed a huge difference in accidents and other alcohol related accidents. She persuaded most of our class to her side.

  • What Is Alcohol

    We all know the truth; alcohol is a drug. That should be reason enough to restrict access anyone and everyone has to alcohol. Anybody in their right mind should realize the harm alcohol poses to everyone (not just the drinker) and be concerned about that. Science has shown us that alcohol damages the brain. Also, when humans are in the the adolescent to young adult phase of their life, that is when their brains are going through the most crucial developments. The last negative effect shown by the use of alcohol in young adults is its potential to harm other people and not just the person drinking. Teenagers and even people in their twenties have shown us by their actions that they are not very responsible. Some say that lowering the age to 18 will make them more responsible and less crazy about drinking and binge drinking. However this is a very short term solution and it will have an dangerously unpredictable outcome.

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