Should the drinking age be raised (yes) or lowered (no)?

  • I think it should stay where it is.

    I think that 21 is a good age to start allowing people to drink legally. Many young adults don't have the life experience yet to handle being intoxicated in public or to restrain themselves from drinking and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. 18 years old would be too young.

  • It doesn't Matter

    Why the United States has 21 as it's minimum drinking age is beyond me. Every other country in the world has legalized drinking at 18. Honestly I know guys that have no problem with underage drinking in fact they do it all the time. My point is if young adults want to drink than they will, regardless of age limitations. Me personally I would like to see it lowered so I can cook with it ;-)

  • Research now supports this

    We have now discovered that the brain does not reach full maturity until the mid twenties and that excessive alcohol consumption before the age of 25 will prevent a young person from ever reaching their full maturational peak. Young people do not have the maturity to look into the future the,selves and prepare so they need our guidance.

  • Teens aren't mature enough

    Let's face it, teenagers make stupid mistakes all the time. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a teenager and I agree with my previous statement. We have all seen the teenagers in the streets, do they look like they're ready to do this. Obviously they do it either way, but to legalize it is to encourage it.
    We'll be helping these immature children make mistakes that can be avoided until they are ready to deal with any and all consequences that come with it.

  • It should be lowered.

    For claiming to be a '"free country", America is one of the few nations with an MDLA of 21.

    "Brain development, Brain development, blah, blah, blah"

    Well, America has a reputation for being stupid. Perhaps the alcohol makes the rest of the world smarter? The countries that ban it entirely, like Saudi, are the ones everyone hates.

  • I think it should be lowered because when your 18 you are a legal adult

    If you had a survey most people would want it to be lowered to 18 because they think they are old enough to drink and the more people hold them back they will keep trying to drink underage so i think it should lowered to eighteen to all the underage drinking.

  • In Canada the drinking age is 19

    I think that the more you restrict alcohol for teen, the more unsafe you make it for them. Regardless of legal status, teens continue to get ahold of alcohol but since it is illegal, they are always drinking without adult supervision, which can get pretty dangerous. When teens don't know their alcohol tolerance, it can quickly turn into a disaster. And if the parents strictly forbid alcohol, it can lead kids to just do it behind their back...Which could cause more drunk driving accidents (because they don't want to get in trouble for asking their parents to pick them up, so they just convince themselves they have to drive home).

    I think if you introduce your kids to alcohol earlier, under supervision in your own home, your kids will learn their tolerance, which is good because with this knowledge they will be able to know how to drink responsibly. In many cultures, wine is served with the meal. Serving wine at a meal can desensitize the curiosity of alcohol. Many teens are convinced that no party is complete without it.

    I think it is all about teaching responsible drinking, you don't just become a little more responsible with a mind altering substance every year, so a drinking age doesn't make much sense. You need to learn your tolerance, and how to be responsible.

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NurseB says2013-11-18T12:05:41.583
I'm from the UK and started drinking about 14 and started going out in nightclubs about 16 because I knew I weren't allowed. By the time I got to 18 and had my first legal drink that 'forbidden fruit' feeling ha gone and I thought 'is this it?'. I'm 22 now and pretty much tee total and did stupid things while I were still young enough to get away with it then grew out of it. If the drinking age is raised then some not all people will be doing the same stupid things but they will be at an age where potentially they have responsibilities and more to lose.