Should the drinking age be reduced from 21 to 18?

Asked by: HoneyBadger
  • At 18, You're an adult.

    America is the ONLY country in the world with a drinking age of 21. Other countries have ages of 18, 16 or even as low as 14, and yet drunk kids don't run wild in the streets. So, does this make sense? At 18, a man can join the army, vote, own a gun, get married, yet he legally can't have a beer until he's 21. If you're an adult, you ought to be able to drink.

  • Really now, this is silly...

    At 21 people with late birthdays are just graduating university. Tradesmen are finishing their schooling up to two years earlier. You're telling me a man can be a professional engineer, hold a teaching degree, be licensed to weld metals and operate heavy machinery, or preform any other number of valuable jobs in society... But they are not yet mature enough to drink? It's foolish, plain and simple. Age is hardly a measure of how ready someone is to drink anyway. A 200 pound 16 year old is going to be able to drink a 140 pound 30 year old under the table and likely be coherent by the end.

  • Yes. Responsibility is the key.

    I think that if you are allowed to vote for our leader, then you should be able to drink. ONLY if you are responsible. After all is any age responsible? Everyday you hear of bad happenings to drunk drivers. They are not all young. Some may even be up into their sixties.

  • Mature enough to vote, but can't have a beer ?

    I come from Germany, where the legal drinking age starts at 16 ( beer / wine), and is fully legal (hard liquor) at 18. Driver's license is permitted at 18 only as well. The question if being used to alcohol prior to being allowed to drive is beneficial, is still have no answer to.
    Yet, knowing that most teenagers in the US, if so wanted, can easily get access to alcohol before being 21, and often have excessive drinking experiences especially during their college years, makes the legal age of 21 a comedy, imo.
    Finally, as stated in my subject line, i do so NO logical reason in banning someone from drinking, who is deemed mature enough not only to vote, but theoretically to run for office as well.

  • Yes it should be

    People turn into adults at 18, but they cant drink till 20. Countries like Germany allow you to drink at 16, and yet still less crime and accidents than here. At 18 you can own a gun, join the army and kill people, but not drink any alcohol. Thats the most stupid thing, that a man can kill someone but not drink an almost harmless drink like beer, or wine. Of course there will be accidents, but everybody has accidents. We cant just stop drinking and driving, its like drugs its illegal yet so many people do it, you cant just stop it. But you learn from your accidents. The End.

  • No it shouldn't

    This encourages teenagers or young adults to get drunk easier if there isn't a controlled amount of drinking. Plus, it leads to an increase in the number of car accidents especially when drunkards are driving at night which not only endangers the driver but also other drivers as well. Though drinking is a way to help release stress and maximize our utility, it is opined that it should not be reduced from the age of 21 to 18 because it will cause many major accidents to oneself and also other people(e.G. Car accidents...)

  • Actually no it shouldn't

    At 18, you are still a developing teenager. If you drink at this age, it could damage your brain and thinking process. Also teens tend to do stupid things at that age. Therefore, drinking at 18 is not good. (Taken from lectures of teachers and a website called Google, if you heard about it)

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