• It should be 18, even though I'm a girl of 13.

    Already on average, two people die across the World, where driving ages are below 18. In the case of USA, most car crashes are caused by 16 and 17 year old. 16 year old drivers are too young and not experienced enough to get into the harmful world of driving. There are hundreds to thousands of wrecks per year. These different wrecks can lead to harmful injury, death, property damage etc. I believe the driving age should be raised to 18. I am very young and I have an idea of what every country in the world should do. Anyway, teens are not as responsible any more. With new technology coming in every 5 seconds of our lives, teens are addicted to it.

    These youngsters can't stop using devices and they use them in a car, which distracts them from the road, this makes them unaware of the fact that they have to stop at traffic light when it is on red and then they crash! Of course, most of the car crashes that happen today are by teens. Cars are big and does damage so why would, any country in the world, let them get hold of a killing machine?

    Driving is not a necessity for our lives. There are many other ways to transport to places such as riding a bike or taking a public bus. In addition, it's just two more years extra till one could drive a car. In those two years, people will gain more experience and learn how to drive more safely on the road, therefore preventing many more deaths. This will not only help the driver, but also others on the road.

    Even after all the arguments on driving by the government, people still disagree to these statements, so the question is, should the legal driving age be raised to 18?
    Getting your driver's license, when you turn 16 is an exciting and much anticipated thing for most young adults. But is it wise to let these youngsters drive at 16?

    Teen driving statistics show that the accident rate for drivers between 16 and 19 is much higher than that for older drivers. Why? Younger teens are easily distracted, tend to take risks, and are not experienced at recognizing hazards.

    Personally, I am against the under 18 driving, because I have two cousins and they are in Americans. One of them is 20 years old and she started practicing to drive at the age of 15. Her younger brother is 15 and he is trying to get his license at such a young age. He was used to get dropped off at college by his sister, but then the teachers called him, and asked to come to the college on his own in his own car. Now both of them own a car each.

  • Driving age should be raised to 18.

    Already, on average, two people die every day across the USA in vehicles driven by 16-year-old drivers. 16 year old drivers are too young and not experienced enough to get into the harmful driving world. There are a hundred to thousands wrecks a year. These different wrecks can lead to injury, death, total cars, property damage, etc. The driving limit should be raised up to 18, because you’re considered an adult and more aware and responsible as a driver in the real world. Now that you’re 18 your driving should feel like an award for being an adult not 16 and feel like a necessity.

    A crucial part of the teens brain remains undeveloped meaning there involved in careless actions. In other words they don’t think before they act because they don’t have enough experience yet. They are too young to make real world decisions, and be involved with the driving responsibilities. Some 16 year old are very smart and good drivers, and some just aren’t the same and really just about the total opposite. They would just like to “go fast”, and in other words “burn rubber”. There are a lot of responsibilities to operating a motor vehicle. Sixteen just seems too young to be driving in this big crazy world we live in.

    A slight majority, 53%, think teens should be at least 18 to get a license (USA TODAY). Teens are not mature enough to handle the intersection, highways, construction, and etc. I would be better if they just waited two more years. There are too many accidents, injuries, and even deaths of swerving off roads, losing control, and not paying attention. Teens get too easily distracted while driving. There are already a lot of crazy drivers out there like some being drunk, on drugs, lack of sleep, etc. We don’t need inexperienced young drivers in the mix with the other dangerous people out there.

    Teen are always speeding, doing burnouts, fishtailing, etc. Teens just want to speed and see how fast each other’s car is or how much smoke they can make. Teens even drive under the influence. Drinking and driving under the influence, or anything in that nature. This leaves them even more of a advantage of being in a serious accident. There is just too many worries of someone being 16 it seems too young to be driving.

    There are too many distractions for sixteen year old too be driving. They just seem to inexperienced to be operating a motor vehicle. Being that young a phone is a major distraction and even friends are too. If they see something that catches their eye, they’re going to look at it driving or not. They won’t notice what they have done until it happens. Being that young kids don’t think before they act. That’s why people should wait till they’re 18 to start driving in this big crazy world of a population we have.

  • That is a good idea

    Driving is a huge responsibility. Under age 18 we don't let kids vote, yet we let them drive a vehicle which can easily kill themselves and others.

    Kids can benefit from a few extra years of maturity before they get behind the wheel, as a much larger number of car accidents happen to younger people.

  • The age of driving should be 16

    Hi my name is elmo i love the cookie monster so much i slept with him last night so i also love to see that 16 year old kids can drive and not care its so funny cause you don't think that they will crash but 20-50 million are injurd a day

  • A license should be issued at 18

    Because teens are not mature enough for the road. . . . Most of you may be safe drivers, I'm not saying that all teens are bad drivers but there are a few that do drive rashly and do not follow the rules. What I'm trying to say here is that I'm not generalizing I'm trying to explain that there are few teen drivers that are dangerous for the road. Teens are easily distracted, They tend to take risks, And they are not experienced at recognizing hazards. A crucial part of teens brains are still devolepoing meaning are few careless actions involved. A slight majority, 53% people think license shouldn’t be issued to teens, This was reported by USA today.

  • Yes it should be

    It should be raised to 18 or even to 21 to make the roads safer, Also 16 is a very young age to let people be on the roads with other people, Also they might be distracted with their cell phones while driving ( snapchat) taking videos and pictures.

  • The driving age should be 18

    I believe the driving age should be 18 because 2 car accodents are caused every day due to 16-year old drivers. They aren't safe on the road! Teens also get distracted easily and may veer into another lane and wreck. They also don't need cars as much when in highschool as when they are in college.

  • I say yes about the driving age being 18

    I say yes because some young adults have to take care of some things their parents, and sometimes they are not even 18 , there is even some people that have to survive on their own with no help and have to drive around on their own to find things for themselves

  • The driving age should be 18

    I believe age 18 is the best age for driving as the person is fully mature as an adult. This allows the person to make better judgments while avoiding emotions that can get into the way. Also, adults are more responsible than teens, especially in safety. Teens often engage in texting and driving as well as driving above the speed limit.

  • It doesn't matter how old

    Driving age is possibly at least 16. Why should you ask this question? I disagree with this. Should a minor drive? Who cares if you were grown enough to drive? Not everyone get a car due to economy. Cars are very expensive now and need to pay the car insurance. Who wants that car anyway?

  • Young drivers that are careless shouldn't ruin it for the rest of us

    I don't think the driving age should be 18. I am 15 at the moment but once I start driving I will drive responsibly and will not ever try to "show off to my friends" like a lot of idiots try to do and then end up getting injured or even killed in a car accident. I find that extremely stupid to do. But I don't think it would be fair to bump the age up to 18. I'll have to wait another three years.

  • I'm still a child

    I'm 16 and I think we shouldn't raise the driving age to 18. If we don't learn how to drive in our younger years we won't gain experience. I grew up on a farm, I learned how to drive before I was ten. I was helping drive the truck while my dad pushed hay off the back for cows. My friend is two years older than me, And when she was 16 (I was 14) she was studying for her test and she questioned herself out loud and I told her what I thought the answer was. Needless to say she checked the answer and it was correct. I believe that we need to learn how to drive at 16 so that we can gain experience.

  • It's not like teens are the only careless drivers

    Sure, Teens can be absolute idiots when it comes to driving on public roads. I can attest to that, Because I have a few friends that could fall under the category, But I'm not one of them. Not all teens are reckless as some would claim, And I should add that not all full-grown men and women are safe drivers. I've run into countless adults that either drive with road rage. Ignorance to the rules of the road, Or their phones in front of their faces. To say that any of those things are mainly teen things is ridiculous because it's simply not true.
    In conclusion, An individual shouldn't be given the privilege to drive based on their age, But rather for the way they drive and how safe they prove themselves to be. I'm not saying that an eight year old that has driven all their life could walk in, Take a test, And if successful receive their permit or license. I do believe that in that sense, An age limit is necessary.

  • Raising the legal driving age to 18 is a major inconvenience for many people.

    What about young people in college? What will they do when they need to get to class everyday? People in COLLEGE should not have to have their Parents drive them to class everyday, And what about jobs? Some High schoolers, College kids, And parents have jobs. Some Parents can’t drive their kids to school/jobs because of the parent’s jobs, And some high schoolers/college kids can’t drive to their jobs because they wouldn’t be able to drive!

  • It is an opportunity to earn trust from their parents

    Most parents are scared to let their kid drive, But allowing them to start driving young like 15 or 16 years old, Is an opportunity to prove to their parents that they are mature enough to drive and maybe could open doors to other things their parents were scared about letting them do. Driving is a big responsibility and by showing your parents you can be trusted to drive, They may see how mature you are.

  • The Age of driving should be 15

    This is so dumb. I am 13 years old and really want to drive like really soon. People say I'm really mature. There are some adults who are 40 who are idiots while driving and some 16-year-olds who are fantastic drivers. You can't make a generalization about 16-year-old just because they don't seem mature enough.

  • One person doesnt mean all

    Just cause a careless driver who happens to be under 18 gets in an accident doesnt mean anything. That person doesnt represent all teens under 18 some of us (such as myself) are very responsible and will be driving soon. Why lower the experience of a teen driver due to the idiotcy of someone elses mistakes.

  • Raising the age, means lowering the experience.

    I am 18 right now, and I have had a permit since 16, and a license since 17. If the driving age was 18, that would mean I would have much less experience, which would be especially dangerous, considering I live 2.5 hours from home, and the commute back to my college apartment is always in the dark (and rain before). It wouldn't be very safe of me to do that with only a few months experience, especially since I would still have my permit if it was 18.

  • No no no

    Thats a ridiculous idea. Yes there are some idiots. But why make others pay im 15 rn and i cant wait to get my liscense if it goes up i am blaming all the idiots for raising it. I bet everyone who want it raised is older than 18 and just dont want to let others do it as well. Your not perfect either!

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