• I think so.

    Many teenagers are too immature to be driving alone. Many car accidents happen because of teenagers who get behind the wheel and think that they are invincible. Raising the age to 18 would allow for them to develop a bit more maturity. I would feel safer knowing that everyone behind the wheel was at least legally an adult.

  • Raise it to 18

    16-year-old kids have enough to worry about as it is. Driving ages should be raised to 18 in all 50 states to cut down on the number of traffic fatalities each year. How many times do we hear about 15, 16 and 17-year-olds being killed in wrecks because they lost control of the vehicle and didn't wear seatbelts. Get a hint--the age of 16 is too young and too immature to start driving when kids should be focused on school instead!

  • The driving age should be raised.

    The minimum age for driving a automobile should be raise in order to make our roads safer. It has been shown that young drivers are more likely to be in accidents. Young people are less mature and they are more likely to act rashly and dangerously because of peer pressure.

  • Driving age should be Increased.

    The driving age should be increased for extra caution. Many teens speed to impress their friends, or for fun, and it causes many accidents to happen. And because of many accidents, taxes get increased, which is a pain for everyone. I'm not saying all teens cause accidents, but for extra caution, the driving age should be increased.

  • Raise the age

    According to me, 70 percent of the accidents are caused by teenagers. So, the driving age should be increased. As of India we don't give them the right to drive before 16 years of age . But, many parents give their children freedom to drive. This leads to accidents. So the age limit should be increased

  • Yes, its not safe out there

    One question do u want your 16 year old out there in the unsafe world it is nowadays. People persuading her to drink when she out at a bar becuase now she can drive anywhere she wants because she has a drivers license no SO shouldnt we wait till 18 or at least there older and tere mind has matured and also they might have graduated high school this is the reason why it should raise

  • Fuck it yea

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  • 16 Is A Proper Age

    I do not believe the driving age should be changed. I believe 16 is an excellent age to learn how to operate a vehicle. While new drivers are more likely to get in an accident, I don't think you'll see a noticeable difference in raising it a few years and doing any more than that, would definitely not get any support.

  • Not age, only restrictions

    There are responsible, intelligent, capable 12 year olds capable of driving, but we don't allow them to drive. There are 18, even 20 year olds with low maturity because of endless possibilities, but we allow them to drive. My point? Age doesn't matter; it's the freedom in which the system hands out licenses like flyers that causes the car crashes. Failure of concentration and observations, distractions, all this happens to people of all ages, so age isn't the cause of the crashes. It is the system's ease of giving permission to drive that causes crashes. The reason why teens crash more often is because the lack of experience, and it all happens because of the low requirements and standards the system has set, so nearly every person, no matter how immature, distracted, and irresponsible they are, gets a license.

  • Driving Age is Fine

    The driving age shouldn't be raised at the moment. Most states allow drivers to start getting their license at 16 years-old, and this age is the proper driving age. In reality, a better time for teens to start driving might not exist, and raising that age would be disadvantageous for many people.

  • No, the driving age should not be raised.

    No, the driving age should not be raised. The age of 16 is perfect for teens to begin driving. Teen drivers just need to have stricter testing and maybe a follow up test for 2 years until they reach the age of 18 if they do not have any driving citations and accidents.

  • Driving age is fine.

    Many 16 year old students need to drive in order to get around and have a job. A lot of teens help their families by running errands and helping to make ends meet. The argument for raising the driving age is the level of accident that young teens have, but no matter what, everyone is a novice at some point.

  • The driving age is fine where it is at.

    The legal driving age is perfectly fine where it is at. More than raising the driving age we should have more comprehensive tests and education regarding learning to drive. many schools do not have very good drivers ed programs and parents teaching their kids can produce unreliable results. We need better drivers education to fix our driving problems, not a new driving age.

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